Girls Generation Sunny – Biography [UPDATED]

Girls Generation member Sonny biography Lee Seun Jun born May 15th 1989 known professionally as Sonny he's an American singer and entertainer based in South Korea she debuted as a member of girl group Girls Generation in August 2007 which went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide apart from her group's activities sunny has participated in numerous side projects including original soundtracks television variety shows musical acting and radio hosting sunny life and career sunny was born on May 15th 1989 in Orange County California her family consists of her parents and two older sisters who are 10 and 15 years older than her she and her sister share the same birthday her father Lee Soo yung was also known to be the elder brother of SM Entertainment founder lee soo-man while sunny was still an infant her family moved to Kuwait then moved again shortly after to South Korea during the time of the Gulf War as a result of her brief war experience sunny grew up being scared of loud noises she was influenced to become a singer by her father who was in a college band in 1998 sunny joined SM Entertainment and became a trainee for five years she transferred to star world agency where her father worked as a manager and was to debut in a duo group called sugar the group however never came to fruition in early 2007 singer Amelie convinced sunny to rejoin SM Entertainment she continued her training there and made her official debut as a member of girls generation in August 2007 the group gained significant popularity with a release of their hit single G in 2009 aside from girls generations activities sunny has participated in a number of side projects in early 2008 sunny worked as a host of the melon geunji radio with super Junior's Sungmin in August 2008 she contributed a solo song you don't know about love for the SBS's drama working mom in 2009 sunny released two songs a solo track finally now for the interactive movie story of wine and the duet it's loved for the MBC's drama heading to the ground with girls generations member teehee on during 2009 and 2010 sunny was a co-host for mtv Korea television music program the M with SS 501 s Kim hyung-jun in two M's empty along she also joined the KBS twos variety show invincible youth along with Girls Generation member Yuri the reality program narrative a group of South Korean celebrities who were brought together to work and experience the agricultural and rural life in March 2010 sunny recorded your doll for the SBS drama oh my lady soundtrack it became her first song to enter the jae-in digital chart at number 88 during 2011 to 2012 she continued on with her participation in KBS twos invincible youth 2 she was praised by the director of the show as someone who has intelligence great adaptability and the ability to make other cast members get along well in January 2012 stepping into the field of voice-over for the first time she was featured in the Korean dubbed version of animated film the outback she voiced a koala care actor named Miranda sunny found the recording process to be initially difficult stating that because Miranda was such a charismatic and strong character it was hard to express with just her voice as it would have been a different story if was showing the actions with the help of the director however she was able to finally grasp the character in March 2012 sunny became a host for SBS MTV's television program music Island during the year she also recorded two duets the first song is titled I love you I love you with Brown Eyed Girls member and Maria while the other one is titled it's me with FX's Luna for the SBS's drama – the beautiful you the songs debuted at number 56 and 25 on the Jay and digital chart and at number 51 and 16 on Billboard's kpop Hot 100 chart respectively during 2012 to 2013 sunny was casting her first musical catch me if you can based on the true story and life of a con man named Frank Abagnale the story was turned famous by the 2002 movie of the same name she played a character named Brenda who is the girlfriend of the male lead her performance received favorable reviews shinyang seon from the Chosun Ilbo noted on Sony's ability to understand the character and praised her well portrayal of Brenda's exaggerated cuteness and flippant acting Jiang Qing Jin of 10 Asia enjoyed her singing while sunny wasn't a member in her group who put her vocals forth she showed her power through Brenda's fly fly away with her clean firm voice showing her potential to the audience sunny was nominated for the best new actress at the 6th musical awards in June 2013 sunny released the song the second drawer for the MBC's drama the Queen's classroom it debuted at number 76 on kpop top 100 chart in March 2014 sunny participated in the Korean dubbed version of the animated film Rio 2 she voiced Jul a female Spix's macaw the director noted on her ability to not only deliver the line but also successfully expressed other sound effects like breathing in an interview sunny felt that the most appealing part of dubbing is the ability to go back to her childhood in June 2014 sunny was casting her second musical singing in the rain based on the 1952 movie of the same name sunny played Kathy Selden an aspiring actress in November 2014 her solo song first kiss was released as a part of musician playing song G's project superhero series between 2014 to 2015 she became a cast member of the SBS's reality show roommate the show featured a group of celebrities living together sharing the house as well as household tasks during the same period sunny hosted the MBC radio shows FM date she contributed her own self written logo song for the show and also won the rookie radio DJ award at the year-end MBC Entertainment Awards in April 2015 Sony's voice was featured on indie band rooftop houses debut single heart throbbing the song managed to enter J in digital chart at number 89 in August to October 2015 she was a co-host for the short-lived JTB C's variety show serial shopping family in March 2016 it was revealed that Sonny would be a celebrity judge in the new show vocal war God's voice the purpose of the show is to create a one-on-one vocal battle between veteran singers and Korea and talented amateur vocalists starting from June 2016 sunny joined the main cast of the jdbc variety show kyun ha Jang's ax a show featuring various traditional markets

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