(G)I-DLE (여자아이들) – 'UH-OH' Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

Oh Oh it goes just outside the box all good it's gone the track now get a bucket job – Darla today me Oh Oh

31 thoughts on “(G)I-DLE (여자아이들) – 'UH-OH' Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

  1. Shuhua got more lines in this comeback and realize that her voice were good too.. Miyeon vocal was amazing..i love all of them

  2. First 95% of the song be like "yo, get outta here, I don't wanna see your fake ass"
    And the last 5% is "we're not talking about you, neverlands uwu we love youuu"

  3. Erm.. Alot of these lyrics are translated wrong.. The correct translation is on the (G)I-DLE YT Channel, it is lyrics written by Soyeon a while ago for the fake people who said she couldn't make it as an idol but then acted like her " friend " once she succeeded with (G)I-DLE LMAO YES GO SOYEON YOU SAVAGE ILY 😂💖👏🏻

  4. 노래…진짜…너무…갓소연…갓이들…소리가…절로…나오는…군요…아이들…최고…

  5. 나에게 목적만을 위해 찾아온 사람들에게 꺼지라고 너같은사람 많이봤다고 가라고하는 가사같음

  6. Can i ask what app did you use for this?… Yahhh i love shuhua's line… In first when i heard this on my friend I'm not comfortable on this but when i heard it its so wonderful… Most likely on there hair evolution… And the thumbnail on there mv i was shookt if this is minnie or they just collab with… So proud😍

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