Getting Good in a Small Scene [ft. Talon | Book]

[Music] when Tokyo won evo in 2017 attributed his success to his training partner a secret training partner it’s no secret I have muggle the region you live in is a large determiner of how you practice a game online and especially offline but many of you watching this won’t be from a region with good ol Magos or many players at all the good news is that people from smaller scenes can get good to like world-class good book is one of those players in Tekken he’s the reason you often see this Thai flag up high in the brackets of major tech and events like Evo and CEO we got a stack top eight of course we’ve got six Korean we’ve got one from Thailand a one from the US of eight his breakout performance was winning one Tiger uppercut in 2018 he ended up beating some of Korea’s best while protecting his home turf of course players from other regions have also been breaking out but we learned that these countries actually have a lot of top players we just didn’t know about what’s interesting about book is that he’s the only one in his entire country who’s that good how good right now I didn’t every moment just like Korean with some kid that doesn’t know other play that’s how big of a gap this is Reaper rabbit when it cooks training partners and a fellow gym player he’s one of the 20 or so people in the Thai Tekken community and he’s also on the players that used to destroy book I met him in something long I heard him before the rumor that a little kid that good with didn’t character so I want to try and I try to beat him at first because he likes the guy that I look up to and he considered the top trading player at that time so at first I kidding I kicked his butt and then a few years later he just came back and then super strong I don’t know how I put my effort to try everything to find a way to be stronger yeah I don’t think I have a talent with that kind of heart so book wasn’t always the best then how did he get to his level in such a small scene one of the best things a scene can do is play offline and this doesn’t require huge number of players I think is important to have a community but the number is not important the important is what we shine a player called Fortuner runs a restaurant in Bangkok’s Chinatown and it’s used as a place to play games during off-hours just want you from my house so I live here I just live on the second floor we do a list along and also have a game console game and what can cause it there’s no getting through right now so we have to play online but I like it better the most obvious reason offline is good is because there’s no added lag meeting face to face is simply more effective for showing people how to do things and communicating and you have a place to play your gaming temple essentially doubles as a war room pay together a four hour I know that after finish we discuss why’d you play like this on how to improve ask you a small group of strong players can come up with big strategies while it is common to come up with theories by yourself in training mode it takes at least one other person to test them out you can’t ask a training dummy if your new strategies and good but another problem in small scenes is that it’s hard to find someone who plays the character you’re struggling against players from larger scenes can often find character specialists for almost anyone so what do you do when no one around you plays that character you could go online and hope that you run into the one you’re looking for but in a game with over 40 characters that can take forever but if you can’t play against them you can always try to play as them at that time I don’t notice I think this character is like too many options so I try to practice this I try to think like the player that I watching on YouTube what they think why’d they you think if option why so i real fire a little bit weakness playing a character is a great way to find out what they’re bad at if they’re not bad at anything then maybe you found a top-tier but watching match videos doesn’t just help you play the character but also the player back in the day people would kill to find VHS copies of top players even in terrible quality but these days you can pretty much find matches of anyone it’s no surprise that watching your opponent’s previous matches before you face them has become part of the meta game with our semi we’re just jumping and versus all fun but getting good also involves stuff that happens outside the game for example playing pro with an arcade stick means you need someone who knows how to modify and maintain them [Applause] Thailand’s resident stick mater is named golf and he’s the go-to person for everything ranging from custom artwork all the way to fixing stick issues during the tournament but how do you get all these different people to work together this is where amp comes in she’s been crucial in binding the community together just helped them to make it easy to communicate and finally they become closer and closer and closer like with the foreigner I’m not talking well and I’m shy but she’s like the open way for me to come to talk with them in Thailand we educated attend EF above and yeah we have a lot of data a lot of story we have a fight some time so that made us some kind of relationship like family so now even the fighting coming I think is fine because now we know each other a lot when a group creates an environment where players can improve its best player will improve with them and this is great for everyone [Applause] [Music] so why support each other in a game where only one person can be the winner because one of the best feelings you can get from watching competitive games is seeing your region’s team or player doing well on the world stage even if you’re not into a sport or not particularly patriotic it’s cool to see your country doing well because you’re still associated with it in some way well it’s a hundred times better than that is watching someone you directly helped doing well the glory you bask in will be that much more authentic when reflected in their medals this was Gerald from Quarry gaming thanks for watching and thanks to the Ty Tekken community for being awesome hosts again [Music]

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  1. Well, in our country its really hard to find fighting game player….people here plays fps and mobile games….we have some dedicated fg players but its also difficult to always meet up and practice together….After that…travelling is a issue cuz of less money…..
    If a company or a person can support the small areas than definitely more players will come out….

  2. Way better than thescore esports videos. It's not overdone. It's not too flashy. It's just informative, provokes conversations and original.

  3. 2:23 when this OST is still the best. Seriously… why tf didn't they include character specific OST from T7?

  4. I think core-a gaming should do a video about local tournaments, and local fgc since he already did one about majors and regionals like EVO and CEO. I've been going to my local smash tourneys and even though I get eliminated to, I still have fun and even learn a lot in the process. Even if I still like to play with items.

  5. It seems like every video you put out is nothing but cold hard positivity and facts. They're all just so genuinely uplifting and motivational and I'm glad you're getting more attention, you and your team(?) deserve it!

  6. Playing as the character to understand the character they are going up against. So……you're telling me knee really wanted to beat out the entire cast?

  7. I like that thought, as far as I know my city doesn't have a Smash scene but a few of my friends and I play competitively. We sometimes play online, but I'm finally going to start hosting offline practice sessions and I'm starting an Esports club at my school. Hopefully it works out, because I'm not the most naturally talented at Smash, I'm pretty okay but I need to get more offline practice to really be my best

  8. If some random Pakistani kids who nobody even knew existed can play offline and get better with a small community then you can also

  9. Your videos are always so high quality, I instantly drop whatever I'm doing to watch these whenever there's an upload

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  11. Lovely video. Sometimes your don't have to play online to improve in fighting games. Sharing info to become a great player.

  12. Words fail me for how awesome Ammp is. Women can not only belong to communities like this, but be very important leaders in it, too.

    Also, instant Like for the Tiamat track at the beginning!

  13. Just went to my first local and went 2-2 and took 9th out of 22 people in Third Strike. I'm hoping next month I can break top 8 and go from there

  14. Gerald. I don't comment often but I just wanted to say you make such good content. I want to show my friends your stuff, but the topics are niche so they wouldn't really understand. It's such a shame because I genuinely think you're one of the best creators on this site, and not just in gaming. Keep it up! Another great video.

  15. I’m from a tiny FGC/Smash scene in upstate NY, but this video was amazingly helpful. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  16. I suck at fighting games, none of my friends play them. I’ll just console myself by watching these people on the other side of the world enjoy and improve together. What a life…

  17. Great video, I'm from the UK and a SoulCalibur competitive player, this relates alot to our scene being small but this up great ideas on what we can be doing together to help everyone

  18. What do you do when there's one person in your scene that's really toxic and no one will stand up to them because they're the best?

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    And every time your videos end, I feel like it was way too short… which is a very good thing.
    Just keep it up.
    If you ever come to China Beijing let me know by the way. We have a small scene here as well.

  20. I like the contents of this channel, the only thing I don't like is too much focus on Tekken and sometimes Street Fighter. There are a lot more fighting games out there with also good stories.

  21. I sucked at all competitive games I tried till I moved to Florida, the scene here for gaming is superb.

    People truly underestimate how important region is

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    Nice job on the video. I really liked this small glimpse into the Thai tekken community.

  25. Is there a way I can come in contact with this thai community? I'm probably heading to Thailand for a minor study but I still want to improve my Tekken skills

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