hello everybody and welcome to the reading rush day five I defy what is up so today was a bangin day it was a fresh day it was a good fun fresh okay so uh if you remember what I did with the hating game where I just kind of logged how many pages I had left I did that with always and forever Lara Jean so Canada Beth you take it away girl 180 pages 165 pages 140 pages 120 pages 100 pages 60 pages forty pages ten pages two pages Thanks and so I didn't vlog other than that other than the fact that cars was guide to being lucky was amazing he's just the best let's just die right into the stuff that I read so I read the final 175 pages of always and forever large II know I wanted to I made the decision to start annotating it um i annotated about about a hundred pages pink is when Peter Kaminsky make me swoon so I also listen to I think somewhere close to yeah so I read somewhere close to 100 pages of this today as well which means I am up in the 250 range and make that even better I've read 83 pages are good morning at night by only Momo Miranda at Johnny Sun um I'm hoping to finish this tonight or tomorrow and I haven't read any stars above yet I think I'm gonna do some of that tonight as I eat my chuckling um oh wait oh I read carsales being glad to be lucky today so that does count haha attitude sir excuse me hey Grif come here yes he's named after Gryffindor the Hogwarts house the dog is actually a Hufflepuff but Grif granite he comes hi you're gonna mess this up aren't you come here come here my my don't miss it he's nipping it and he wants to that well that was a fun detour that took me about five minutes direct if I so um I told you what I read I showed you my vlogs so now it is time for the video challenge now you may notice I'm wearing this makeup that's not concealer mascara and eyebrows and that is because I was wracking my brain over what to do for this challenge I was like I could do something I could do something that had to do with clothes I could do this I could do that I was like thinking of all these different things and I kind of looked at my bookshelf and was like okay and the way I looked at cinder and I was like I don't have like the red high-heeled again and then I laid my eyes upon this novel and the color palette for this novel was perfectible and so I chose to do a little I look inspired so we've got some grey in the crease um this is a this is a elf eyeshadow palette then I got and then we have also we have some gold on the lid this is moonstone bite then I thought when I was in a make up things and then we have an ellipse we have I don't know I'm talking like that god that was really and then on whoops I'm just wearing a Maybelline the super stain Matt ink which is fantastic it never leaves your lips ever see and I also did some eyeliner to kind of get some of that angular Miss I don't know beauty guru what huh place your bets as to what okay pick now it was landline by Rainbow Rowell I just thought the this had a really nice color palette and so here we are beauty gurus that was my challenge so now it is 9 o'clock so I'm going to finish good morning and night I am going to read more of stars above sitting in this gosh darn seat and then I'm going to read the end Honeymooners and my goal tomorrow is to finish what if it's us my goal tomorrow is to finish what if it lasts but you don't need to know about that tonight so thank you guys for watching my name's Beth and I will see you guys to-morrow buh bye


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