Gertrude Stein – Author & Poet | Mini Bio | BIO

15 thoughts on “Gertrude Stein – Author & Poet | Mini Bio | BIO

  1. In this video….. every single men and women are FTM(female to male), MTF(male to female) transdenders. Their faces, skulls and bone-structures tell this !

  2. Interesting Bio, became interested through reading F.Scott Fitzgerald and watching Midnight in Paris….but I gotta say, WHY are you using music from the Sims3 in the background? lol

  3. She's nothing more than an over-rated TURD with arms. She hardly deserves to be remembered or honored.

  4. Thanks for this brief but well-summarized bio of Stein. A great intro for anyone who wants to know a bit about her and hopefully prompts then to read both some of her works and works about her.

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