Gerald Anderson Biography,Net Worth,Income,Cars,Family,House & LifeStyle (2019)

biography gel full name del tren Dolph Anderson junior and his nickname gelled Anderson dirt profession actor and brand ambassador gels natural height 5 feet 10 inches and his weight 75 kg delt I color and hair color black personal life gel data part 7 March 1989 8 he is currently 30 years old Delta party plays too big by Gimbels Philippines and residence region City Philippines gelled education Spring Creek Academy takes us nationality Filipino and American gel Farrell duck told Morgan Freeman and favorite movie going in style they thought there was not enough information about tlgs property value but it has been estimated that his total assessed could be from 2.2 million dollar family there are six members in his family his father Gerald Randy Anderson senior model even link Optima to see star jane de guzman and darlene de guzman brother in it and her son carry our anderson was discovered by jose Gamboa when gamba performant in Anderson's hometown gamba introduct him to his manager the June race who brought him to a BSA beans for the first season of Pinoy Big Brother teen in Deshawn Anderson and the other housemate in the red to the Big Brother house one 23 April 2006 after 42 days he was named Dean third week blazer on the show ten followers he is currently Instagram followers 1 million and Twitter avarice followers 76,000 plus jailed under some some amazing facts Anderson on his first ever waste after trophy courtesy of the 24th pmpc star awards under Sun started his career with ABC beans first season of Pinot grig brother Teen Edition 2006 jelled made his movie debuted with fast day high 2006 gel favorite hobbies traveling and playing basketball he initially gained success after acting in the TV series sanim elite muli gelled car collection Georgiy Charger r/t price 3.2 million peso house according a property from his Shobha Sonny is quit an achievement for an after gelled under Sun he took this milestone to heart and was very excited in decorating the home that he worked hard for this house sitting on a 320 square metre property is a modern and masculine structure gelled architect Maillard Isabel – Gus created a design with steel glass and clean lines since the cop Amelia told wanted pops of color in his home living room gels living area is rich in natural light thanks to the tall glass window there to go all the way to the second floor silly his dining room is furnished with streamlined pieces including the black dining table chairs and branches a small body weights the dining area and the kitchen in the middle of the kitchen is a small dining area for adjourned enjoy his breakfast there our black plastic chairs now there are little appreciate black wooden chair and a matching table the focal point of the second floor entertainment room in a 65 inches Panasonic flats in TV the cozy bedroom was warmed color walls and cover selling in keeping with the masculine theme the sheets and throw pillows are a small black little cot sites at the foot of the bed gels bathroom follows a modern design artistic and features a coloured Petri of black and white with bold touches of the 8 the bedroom objects younger brother its understood the double-decker bed thanks for watching please like comment and share and don't forget to subscribe

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  1. What? Is this really true, tutuo ba yng news na ang mga talents daw ng ABS-CBN, ay puro ganyan ng paguugali. We have heard that Miss Charo

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