George Watsky- S for Lisp [Poetry]

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  1. Ya you have a lisp but who cares you are still the coolest and having a lisp makes you unique and special!💙💚

  2. As someone who gets mocked for their lisp, I need to show everyone who laughs at it this video! 😂

  3. I grew up with a speach issue and THANK YOU. I didnt speak much untill the 5th grade because people would make fun of me or act like they didnt understand. My r sounded like a w and i stutter at times (although not to often)

  4. I don’t have a lisp but his lisp is beautiful and makes me literally wheeze my duuude

  5. So someone said to me the other day I've got a lisp

    A stranger, you know, they said I've got a subtle lisp
    And I should know I sound a little stupid doing spoken word
    When all my words with "S" in them are spoken so absurd

    And I'm not upset, okay it just sucks

    To think you're speaking normally for two decades
    And then shucks—
    Find out your stuff sounds like a stanza of Severus Snape's toughest parseltongue is pronounced by Daffy Duck

    So I will say this:

    My subtle lisp is not sinful
    I'm not sorry Saturday, I'm not sorry Sunday;
    I'm spiritual and when I speak
    I celebrate the Sabbath seven days a week

    I've got special S sauce smothered on my skull walls like a tossed salad so silkscreen the Sistine ceiling on my soft pallet

    I sing along with super scenesters
    Reciting Sufjan Stevens songs in skinny jeans
    Dance salsa with soccer moms
    Sneaking out in skimpy see-through sarongs
    I will answer your questions in stout
    With my sexy subtly lisping sparkling incisor small

    What's my surname? Watsky
    What's my size? Stocky
    My city? San Francisco
    It's so sweet, now slow

    See, I've heard some steamy stories of oral sex
    But I'm not stretching to say one time
    I made a lady climax by speaking an essay section
    Of a Shakespeare sonnet in her split legs' general direction

    I scribble all S-Essays I shred them and sprinkle the whole S-ashes
    My speech doesn't give a spotted sea snail if it passes
    I slipped past straight Fs to straight Ss in my classes
    Because my speech stay second-semester senior status

    Seriously so so so so soon
    So sick sixth grade school kids call me sofa king
    I'm on tongue steroids
    Slammin' with the Sammie Sosa swing
    So tight I sleep upright in a small cell in Sing Sing
    And sail the seven seas on Steve Irwin's stingray
    While your speedboat's sinking

    It's still too soon

    Anyway, screw an S.S.O.S
    I'm straight S.S.S for Save Someone's Standards
    Studied at Emerson; the school of savage speech
    Sup, Stanford?

    I spit sexier than Summer Sanders, Sarah Silverman
    Susan Sarandon, Sissy Spacek, Sally Struthers, and Selena
    Spooning in a 6-way same-sex all S celebrity civil union

    So, you can slander the gay lisp
    And I will slip you a solid list of friends
    Or 60% of Emerson; who
    Lisp or no lisp, will stomp, spit, stay pissed
    And start all over on the racists

    You can save the South Korean stereotypes
    The Sambo shtick
    The sexist shit is sickening

    And if you suppose your speech is normal
    Its 'cause your impediment is listening

    Speak for those of us with something special
    Something that sets us aside from my—
    Accent havers, my… stammerers
    My southerners, my st-st-stutterers
    Yes, I will spit it sick and stick to never skipping "S"

    'Cause I was—
    Suckin' on a soup spoon and I suckled it to sterling silver
    Simple, supple, super soaker
    Staying watching Sister Sister
    Scenage syllables coming esophagus
    Move up there this place is
    Sufferin' succotash
    Second place isolate oxygen
    There's no stopping this
    I start this step of speaking
    You should see that I will not desist
    I'm sorry!
    'Cause see, if you don't like a subtle lisp
    Then you can simply suck on thissssssss

  6. "Did you know you have a bit of a subtle lisp? I thought you should know."
    (This video)
    "Well that was a bit of an over reaction."

  7. I wish I had heard of you like 10 years ago, but I’m glad it’s better let than never. You’ve helped me so much George, hope to attend your concerts and meet you one day.

  8. I never his lisp noticed till he said something…. But i like it…. If everyone sounded the same the world would be boring

  9. I used to get made fun of for my accent. Born and raised in Colorado but I sound straight from Texas. I got made fun off for saying Y'all during school.

  10. One of my all time favorite poems, honestly I listen to your work because memorizing and repeating it helps me work on my own small stammer. So excited for the new album xx

  11. A few days ago I talked to a friend of mine about speech impediments and he mentioned that in his opinion a lisp makes you sound stupid. At first I thought he was joking because he has a slight lisp himself. I noticed it a couple of months ago when I started studying linguistics and really paying attention to the way people talk.
    When I told him about his subtle lisp he was more than offended. He denied it at first then got pretty angry and told me not to mention it again. The next day I noticed he was avoiding words with s sounds in them. When I confronted him about it he told me that I had hurt his feelings and that he wishes not to talk about it. He said something along the lines of "I would rather never speak again, than to have people realise I have a lisp. There is nothing that makes a person sound dumber than a lisp."

    Now, he doesnt want to hear this but I just wanted to let people with a lisp know:
    A lisp, like any other imperfection, is super charming and really adds character. When I was younger I even tried to fake a lisp because I thought it sounded so cool. (I stopped trying because I was really bad at it and I realised it probably looked like I was trying to make fun of people with an actual lisp… )

  12. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!
    I found Don't Be Nice by chance on YouTube and he is such a good rapper, is hilarious, and great with poetry!

  13. I have a lisp and I never knew till I dated this guy, he kinda made me feel bad about it. Then,the next guy I dated showed this to me and it was amazing.

  14. can someone please please provide us with the lyrics? i'm not joking. my foreigner ass can't understand everything he says but i really wish to do!

  15. A song based on "s for lisp".

  16. I used to be insecure everytime I spoke out loud, and even every time I typed something with S, because I hated the idea that people would read it in my voice and imagine my lisp. Thanks for this.

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