George The Poet – What is diabetes?

My name George The Poet
We need to talk about diabetes man Diabetes is a lifelong health condition,
that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin or when the body can’t make good use of the insulin that it produces – Hello
– Hi, it’s Glucose!
– Glucose who?
– Just Glucose – We didn’t order anything from glucose.
– Hi hey, you don’t order, I just deliver when you need energy – Excuse me?! – It’s nothing personal, you need the energy so I’m… – Hmm, sorry we’re not interested – It’s just I, just go off a long journey through the blood stream to get..
– Bey Nice Permission is granted through insulin,
if you’re a glucose molecule Insulin brings you into the cell,
to be used as a fuel for energy But with diabetes, your body can’t do with
this chemistry. – Hello
– Hi Darling
– Hi, who is that? – It’s, it’s insulin
– Oh! Hi Insulin! How you doing?
– I am just here with some Glucose.. – He wants to come up and provide a bit of energy
– Yes, sure, send him up! – No worries he will be up shortly – Thank You insulin! So we eat food and the body breaks it down You know when you finished your dinner,
and your belly makes a sound, That’s the food being broken down into glucose.
Glucose then goes around into the bloodstream delivering energy to the cells.
But generally cells tend to keep to themselves They don’t just seek glucose and soak it up.
It takes a special key to make cells open up Insulin is that key! And your pancreas is the insulin factory.
Now, there’s two main types of diabetes Type 1 diabetes your
pancreas doesn’t produce insulin Why? I don’t know, Scientists have yet to conclude
But that means your cells can’t access the energy that’s stored in the
glucose you get from your food – Sorry mate, guest list only
– Hey, it’s glucose, I’ve got energy to deliver – Ok, you are not on the list mate
– If you call insulin… – There is no insulin around here you cannot get into the cell without being on a list, step to the side please In type 2, the insulin is there but for some reason the cells don’t respond to it Because the insulin is being blocked by doing what it’s supposed to do So again they can’t get energy energy because it’s locked in a glucose which uses insulin as a conduit – Hey, it’s glucose. I’ve got energy delivery
– I can’t see a reservation under that name, I’m afraid – I though you would say that, I’ve actually got mister insulin with me this time
– OK – Yeah, Hi… this guy… is pretty much… Well Mr. insulin. The access to this cell is on an appointment basis only, so… – I regret, I can’t offer much in the way of help but …all the best on your journeys Diabetes is a serious whatever the type. I’m talking four million deaths a year Many of which could be prevented Today diabetes represents a concern for every family It’s coming like, in one in 10 of us will be living with it in the next decade Type 2 is much more common among people of South Asian, African and
Afro-Caribbean heritage than those of a white European heritage, and a lot can be
done to stop it rise Do you think you could spot designs in your family? Test to discover at

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