George The Poet – 1,2,1,2

50 thoughts on “George The Poet – 1,2,1,2

  1. AHA! THIS is the song from the advert that kept playing during ITV's World Cup coverage…

    …It's unspeakably SHIT.

  2. This is the single most obnoxious thing I've ever heard. For some reason it bothers me in my core… could it be more annoying and uncomfortable to listen to? This could be a successful form of torture at least…

  3. 하. 이렇게 들으니 좀 낫네요. 아이폰 광고에 삽입된 부분은 정말 병ㅅ같았습니다. 원 투 원 투 ? 유 컨 투? 같은 부분을 2번 이상씩 반복하는거 정말; 진짜이상합니다..

  4. Most inspirational song. Whatever shit you're going through, crank this up and follow his lead. You'll be feeling up to the task in no time.

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