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ever since I started the author deep dive series in the far-distant pastime of a couple months ago the most requested author for me to do a deep dive into has been george RR martin the mastermind behind a Song of Ice and Fire the reason we have the TV show Game of Thrones and today I'm happy to say we will be doing the author deep dive of George Raymond Martin yes he does only have one middle name he added the second R which is short for another name in his teenage years as an obvious fantasy shout out boom first thing you're learning about george RR martin here no way it is undisputed that George R Martin has become one of the best-known writers across genre of the modern era and he actually has written across genre as well publishing stories that are fantasy sci-fi and horror in fact his roots begin with monster stories but getting into George's early life he was born September 20th 1948 and Baden a boy bei yoni Bayonne a New Jersey again names me you know it is the older brother of two younger sisters in his early childhood Martin's whole family lived with his grandmother but they eventually moved into a federal housing project and for those of you who are unaware that's not exactly the nicest living situation it's not horrible he had a home and it seems a loving family but it's not great in fact as a result Martin has commented and how small the world felt like to him when he was a child and how it planted a seed in his mind making him yearn to travel and see the wider world obviously forcing the young child to also retreat into his imagination and start training himself to be one of the most creative writers of this era he was a voracious reader to young age which is something that has been true for every author we've done a deep dive on and I might just stop saying that altogether because duh they're writers and some of them are prolific writers and you can assume they read a lot when they were young but while he was burning through books Martin decided to start writing monster stories to sell to neighborhood children for pennies these were his peers at the time but he was already selling them stories he was writing from his own young mind and he would occasionally do dramatic readings for them as well when it comes to his first fantastical writing or writing that fell within the fantasy genre Martin actually wrote stories about his pet turtles that lived in a toy castle in a tank that he owned apparently the turtles kept dying inside the toy castle that he put in their tank and so he started writing stories about how they are doing political scheming to take each other out real-life foreshadowing with Turtles didn't expect that but we have real-life foreshadowing here martin has also gone on the record saying early in life he was an avid Marvel comic fan something I actually have a hard time seeing the influence of in his writing after I go through his Song of Ice and Fire but maybe that influence is toned down a bit for his dark fantasy tale and I personally have not read Martin's writings outside of the Song of Ice and Fire so for those of you who have let me know the comments down below how much does his tone shift or is it pretty consistent to what is set in the Song of Ice and Fire in fact in a direct quote from Martin he has stated maybe Stanley is the greatest literary influence on me even more so than Shakespeare tolkien Martin did eventually land a job at Clark University to the help from his friend George gootheridge Martin worked as a professor of English and journalism and later became the writer in residence at Clark University from 1978 to 1979 but unfortunately in 1979 a close friend of Martin's past it caused him to reevaluate his life and what he wanted to achieve he then left his cushy job at Clark University and began writing full-time publishing several stories in the next few years all of this came to a head though when in 1996 george RR martin published the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series a game of Thrones and the legendary status of that title alone should tell you the level of success martin found here this was martin's magnum opus and was actually a bit of a relief for him to publish having previously been working on screenplays and scripts which were constantly cut down and he felt like his imagination was limited a game of thrones the first book in this series was really where george RR martin let his imagination fly and i believe the results speak for themselves several very notable authors did endorse the isang of Ice and Fire series after being asked to read it including the likes of Robert Jordan it wasn't until Martin's fourth entry into a Song of Ice and Fire though a feast for crows that he landed on the number one spot in the New York Times bestseller list and the subsequent release landed george RR martin as the number 1 international bestseller pretty much the rest regarding of Song of Ice and Fire and it's adaptation over at HBO is history but I wouldn't be doing my job here if I didn't briefly touch in the controversy that is currently around George r Martin and in my opinion outright dismiss it there's a running meme online mostly focusing on george RR martin and patrick rothfuss asking them to finish up hurry get done complete your series and the justifications azar maybe the authors have said they're nearly done previously and again that's something that if they did say I understand but at this same time it's art and they have every right to basically start over at square one if they do not feel it is done on top of that george RR martin has had some health issues over the last few years and has been incredibly busy just because Game of Thrones has been a huge success it does not means George or Martin has been resting on his laurels he has been writing for the show in consulting as well as touring and meeting fans and participating in conventions around the country actually around the world he is enjoying his life after a long road of success and I get people want to see the next book it's an incredible series but again it is art and rushing an artist is ridiculous you do not want to see they're incomplete works maybe he does need to just sit back and let it marinate for a while as authors that's something that needs to happen you need to ponder and think about what you wrote to make sure it's what you really want to be out there he has every right to delay as long as he wants and anyone who was actually tweeting and harassing him to put out the books does not know what they're talking about it is a funny meme and I get the joke that's fine but actually harassing an author is ridiculous and of the people who have done that shame shame shame shame shame shame shame and for those of you wondering Martin naturally says he's making good progress and he's even put out teasers for his upcoming books so just leave the guy alone but let's transition in talking to George RR Martin's writing style and the influence that writing style is currently having a Song of Ice and Fire guys noted to be Krim dark fantasy and the genre as a whole seems to be turning towards this as the result a Song of Ice and Fire is without a doubt the most successful fantasy series in recent memory actually recently surpassing the fantasy epic a Wheel of Time and overall sales a fourteen book series that was previously a much higher rank than a Song of Ice and Fire and overall sales a TV show has propelled the sales in the books though and soon it will be driving likes of Harry Potter if these sales continue as they currently are especially with two more books to go but this more grim dark style of fantasy has been noted to ground the genre make it more relatable to a more mass audience there's been a bit of a division between pulling away from fantasy tropes in the books and the recent shows shifting more towards falling back to a lot of fantasy tropes like heroes surviving insurmountable odds to serve a greater plot purpose for massive fantasy fans like me it doesn't bug me as much but to a lot of the fans who got into the series for more of its anti fantasy stance it's been a bit jarring and resulted in some negative backlash all that being said since the success of A Song of Ice and Fire many of Georgia and Martin's peers have come out and tried to steer their own styles to be more similar to his to reach that larger audience that he has unlocked the fantasy genre as a whole is growing because Martin has proved there is a lot of untapped potential there something that diehard fans like myself have been saying for a long time and I'm forever grateful to him as an author for that Martin's legacy will undoubtedly be not of just someone who changed the fantasy genre forever but also opened many gates to the medium of television that many people thought were just impossible we are seeing the largest scale ever battles in the TV series a game of Thrones and many Studios pouring countless millions into fantasy adaptations of their own to try and mass a success that HBO has had with their Smash Hits series all of which can be credited to George RR Martin's original source material this man inadvertently or not has changed how we will be entertained on the small screen forever not something he seemed to set out to do but is impressive that is the legacy of George RR martin in around 10 minutes I hope you guys enjoyed this author deep dive let me know which author I should do next in the comments down below and don't worry this series is not dead and will continue on for a long time like and subscribe if you have not already hit the patreon field and support what I do here have a good one y'all peace

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  1. Since a lot of subscribers of this channel are WoT fans, it is also interesting to point out there are two very clear shout-out
    s for Jordan and WoT in ASOIAF
    1. There is a house in Dorne named House Jordayne of Tor, whose sigil is golden quill, and whose lord is Lord Trebor Jordayne. Where Trebor is just reading Jorden from right to left. (In The Storm of Sword)
    2. There is an Archmaester named Rigney ( Where Rigney being taken from Jorden's real name James Oliver Rigney Jr.) who wrote "once wrote that history is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging. What has happened before will perforce happen again" ( mentioned in A Feast for Crows)

  2. I think it's fair to criticize him on not finishing the series. It's been 8 years since he last put out ADWD, and even ADWD was part of the same book as AFFC. So really he hasn't put out a new book since the mid 2000s. He's had plenty of time

  3. Pausing at start and not even watching this contradictory excuse of a write…what can he say that redeems himself…his books are getting shitter by the hour…his story is so old and long winded with 500 points of view that his 80 odd year old brain can't do anymore…poor bastards has confused himself and doesn't know how to finish a storyline…

    The main characters die not like lord of the rings…but Fuck it they come back from death half a book to a book later…he has defeated the purpose of death…even Tolkien didn't Fuck that up.

    I am a pacifist that can write the fuck out of a rape or torture scene…pacifist your a closet psychopath.

    I lived in an era where it was pro womens rights…yeah good on you but you can't relate that to today issue for women…you just use your old brain to revert to your old fashioned thinking of women's rights and take us all back to that day…your making the problems of yesterday alive in the hearts and brain of women today and guess what it was heaps worse back then for women but if you want to take us to back then rather than relate it to today's version be my guests…your just backtracking on all the work you did to stop that shit from happening

  4. Daniel, i love your videos, i really do; I respectfully ask: pls kill the “music” while you are speaking. I am a huge music fan, but I don’t want to hear music playing while I’m trying to listen to someone SPEAK. Thank you.

  5. There are few things about George you left out.

    1. His book Armageddon Rag bombed so bad no one would buy a book from him after that and his career bombed. To support himself he had to move to Hollywood and be a screenwriter for 10 years. He wrote on Beauty and the Beast. Here is a really good interview with him about it.

    2. George Martin was very good friend with Robert Jordan. Jordan gave him a quote for his book. The only other book I know Jordan gave a quote for was Kushiels Dart (and I think the author is Harriet Rigneys niece). Here is what George wrote when RJ died.

    Here is a letter Robert Jordan wrote to George's publisher urging them to publish Game of Thrones. George's career was still stung by the Armageddon Rag 10 years later.

    3. George exclusively writes on a 35 year old word processor. It has caused delays in writing when it breaks since its hard to find someone to repair it and the files it generates are not compatible with modern software. Supposedly he came close to losing a ton of work years ago when it broke.

    4. As a fellow Giant and Jet fan, you left out he is a life time Giant/Jet. He records the games when he travels. I can't do that… How can you watch a recording of a game?

    5. Ty Franck (half of James SA Corey from The Expanse) used to be George's assistant.

    6. Most important is his epic rap battle with JRR Tolkein.

  6. while i want to see more Pat Rothfuss, i think hes focusing on multiple Charitable foundations and eco warrior stuff right now, so i cant even fault him for that….if thats what he wants to do then ill just have to be happy with what hes given us.

  7. How long do you think before we will have our first Dig at GRM by BILL MAHER? I originally thought hed wait till he was dead, but now i think maybe hell just wait till G.O.T. is over and no longer resides on the same network maher works for.

  8. pronounced BAY-OWN… from the tristate area and Bayonne is well known to me. The Bayonne Bridge which i cross once a week, im quite certain will collapse at any moment now. Also, if you like the sweet smell of Garbage, and unwashed ass, you will be in heaven in Bayonne. Im quite honestly shocked that GRM left!

  9. I have ready any books by GRRM, I may never get to them. I'm not that interested, I think the show's crudeness turned me off.

  10. Spoiler: Hot Pie is The Lord of Light (R'hllor). Sweet Robin is The Great Other. Ser Pounce is Azor Ahai.

  11. I read Fever Dream a couple years ago. Writing style is similar. Good book. Nice period piece. Somewhat fresh take on vampires. The historical aspect is definitely the standout though.

  12. I think I see the Stan Lee influence in A Song of Ice and Fire. Both, all the works of Stan Lee and that series have the same question at their center: What is a hero? Why is it that the imp is a hero but not the man who took the iron throne and sat there at the beginning of the series. How is it that we count a man who pushed a kid off a tower among the heroes of the series currently? Similar questions can be asked of characters in the Marvel universe. And the questions beg to be asked in both works. Also juxtapositions of the villains with the heroes tend to be handled with great care and the differences between each hero and each villain. It all seems to serve the purpose of getting to the core of what a hero is.

  13. I think the influence of superhero comics on Martin are abundantly clear, especially in asoiaf. Any time the theme of knighthood pops up, just switch that out for heroism, it’s the same thing.
    I also don’t think asoiaf is grimdark. Game of thrones is grimdark. Asoiaf can get grim and dark. But It’s ultimately the meeting point of fantastical romanticism and brutal realism.

  14. Fevre Dream was great and Windhaven with Lisa Tuttle was good too. Dying of the Light was terrible though ;D

  15. To quote Neil Gaiman: "GRRM is not your bitch". He can take as much time writing as he wants.

  16. "If you don't have the time to read, then you don't have the time to write." – Steven King

    Any questions why all authors are prolific readers?

  17. Donna Tart takes 10 years between books and no one gives her shit because they're not part of a series. It's a double standard.

  18. I agree with you Daniel, GRRM should be allowed to finish his work at his own pace, leave him alone. That said, it has been 7 years since his last book was released, and given that he's 70 already, it's not inconceivable that he'd be pushing 80 by the time he nears the end of his magnum opus. And he's in the zone now where, god forbid, it's not inconceivable he might perish before then. That is starting to worry me.

  19. I haven‘t read anything by Martin yet. I plan to read ASOIAF eventually, but it‘s not going to happen in quite a while. I also haven‘t seen the show.
    At the moment Martin‘s status of being THE current master of fantasy annoys me. The majority of the adult fantasy books on my shelves have either a quote by him of someone comparing the book to his works on the cover or back.
    I think it‘s the most repeated author Name on my shelve and I Don,t even own one of his books.

  20. Great Video! Never knew some of the things you said in your video. I have tried to read Game of Thrones but at the moment I'm reading a Wheel of Time. Your other videos convinced me to give the 14 book series a go. The number of books was why I was hesitant but I'm loving the world so much it doesn't bother me anymore. Thank you for making the videos you have on the Wheel of Time, it's made me find a great series and got me back into reading again 🙂

  21. I love his short stories. There isn’t a total tone shift, though, and most of them are very bittersweet.
    I mean one of the stories is even called Bitterblooms

  22. One of my literal fears is him dying before completing the story. His death would hit me as much as a close friend's would. I started reading the books 8 years ago and have been thru 3 major relationships, a career change, several homes and college. This story of his has been with me for 1/3 nearly of my life.

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