Geoffrey Taylor talks about the International Festival of Authors

hi I'm Jeffrey Taylor I'm the director of the international festival ball thurs the international festival authors is an institution in Toronto it takes place at the end of October certainly the oldest and most established festival in Canada the festival has grown to present authors from over 100 countries at last count there were over 9,000 authors 22 of them were Nobel laureates we've had Governor General Prize winners Booker Prize winners most of the major literary prizes in the world have been represented at the festival in one way or another some of these names are household names we've had offers like Stephen King JK Rowling Canadian superstars like Margaret Atwood Alice Munro most recent Nobel Prize winner we looked scour the planet looking for some of the best titles to present to Toronto audiences would be easier for us to program the best of last year providing the best of next year is always the most difficult thing up the festival there are there different formats to take place there there are reading events where authors read excerpts from their latest books another aspect of the festival our interviews or panel discussions and these are usually on a mutual subject or something of interest to to the the authors participating and this gives the audience and opportunity to see behind the scenes of the world of writing or where the authors coming from or where their life has been and what's led them to the point of their book this October it will be the 36 edition of the International Festival of authors it's taking place at Harbourfront Centre october twenty second to november first the main festival in toronto is a small part of the overall festival it also has a Turing component goes around the province of Ontario as in the past the festival will have a number of focuses taking place during the festival one of these is on the Catalan region of Spain will be having a number of authors representing both fiction and poetry and will also be having a focus on poetry itself with a number of the best-known Canadian poets participating this year

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