Gender stereotypes and education

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  1. Sorry for the bible chapter in advance 😛

    I think this is much less accurate now, at least in my country. What people choose to persue is because of their personalities, I guess. Do you think an arrogant, egotistic and/or selfish person would like to be a psychologist? I wouldn't think so, as it is a profession that needs you to have patience and empathy towards other people. Police officers are people who need to be brave and selfless, a person who's scared of risks and just doesn't care enough for other people wouldn't be suitable for this job. Both men and women have the possibility to portray these traits in their personality. But this is just my point of view, maybe in other places it's different. Though I do think stereotypes are slowly dying and being played with. Like the stereotype that women are made to be in the kitchen. Some people get that it is so ridiculous that they make jokes about it.

  2. I somewhat drifted the line of girly girl and tomboy as I was and still am growing up. I loved playing sports, maybe not on a team but I always had great fun and would join in. But I also loved playing with dolls and doing arts and crafts. That's stuck with me to high school as well. I take typical feminine subjects like art and home ec but I also take technology, business studies and history. I don't take any science actually because I just sucked at it.

    Basically there is an in between. You can like both of these, someone can like baking yet like making websites. It's the grey area.

  3. I'm a girl who loves science and sucks at art. I also hate pink and wear lots of blue. Stereotypes suck…

  4. Yep in my school all the girls are friends with girls and say me to join them but i am best friends with boys so they Bully me and call me a boy. But we all R humans so we can be friends with anyone. People say me that a football player cause I am a girl and I should be a mom when i grow up. Idk why they are so senseless and narrow minded. And after looking at me they started to copy what I do like talking with boys and all. They then told they are there 'ORIGINAL TOMBOY' i mean what the heck!! Just be who you are. I mean if you want to remove this stereotype thing then don't just force a boy to go now and start playing with dolls or a girl to be like go play football now!! It's just their choice!

  5. This is all crap, it’s not fucking true, and all of this is bullshit. Stop forcing these crap videos on innocent kids. It’s fucking dumb and you should feel ashamed at what you’re doing

  6. I’m happy if women want to do arts and humanities and men to focus on STEM, but it has to be that persons decision. Same if it opposite.

  7. I was so surprised that only 2-3 girls were in physics class in the U.S. when I just came from Japan. In my country, more girls are in Stem classes.

  8. Where's any scientificsl evidence to support the claim that the choice is 100% socially predefined and there is no any natural, biological, psychological differences between boys and girls that influence their choices?
    Studies say just the opposite. The most gender neutral countries tend to show much bigger difference in male / female choices of toys and occupations. The Norwegian Paradox.

    We should strive for freedom of choice that makes women and men listen better to themselves, but we should be informed and tolerant towards the fact that given the freedom boys and girls will be making different choices.

  9. Also add prisoners to the list where we need equality. To close the jail-gap we should teach girls to commit crimes, train to be agressive and stupid, shut everyone up and let them attack anyone they don't like. Wait a second… Radical feminists, you're almost there. Good job, but go harder! Still see the gap.

  10. What RUBBISH. The more egalitarian a society becomes the BIGGER the difference between career choices of males and females becomes.

  11. I never thought I was pushed into any particular field, girls and boys do the same four main subjects together (including maths, science, and humanities) and I was more so encouraged to do what I was good at/liked and one of those things happened to be art (I'm male).

    And actually, I find that the stereotype is more that boys are immature/slow and girls are smarter/more focused on school. They are also focusing in school to get girls to go into stem fields.

    I just don't think anyone's forcing you to do anything and people are given a lot of freedom to choose what they want these days in education. And you shouldn't focus on encouraging girls to do stem just because a lot of boys do it, let them explore what they like.

  12. What a waste of taxpayers money. People in Europe have the choice to pursue whatever interests them. The only stereotyping being done is by this ridiculous institute.

  13. Seriously. Genders are naturally more drawn to these things because of our DNA. Girls are naturally girly, they cant help it. Men are naturally manly. Some may be less than others but it still doesn't mean everything needs to be equal. And with jobs. Men tend to enjoy or get drawn to more tough work, work that has long hours or intensive labour. Women lean more towards nurturing jobs or office jobs because its in their nature to be softer or caring. I'm not saying everyone is like this but the majority are like this. So please, stop trying to shove gender equality down our throats. And by gender equality i mean having everything gender neutral so it wont offend anyone. We can do what we want, no matter the colour or shape a toy is in. I actually hate this snowflake generation.

  14. …….i agree that we must break the stereotypes….but there IS a study that proves from a biological point of view that boys tend to be attracted to mechanics and girls to social works…….

  15. My parents didn't really do that, they just gave me stuff I wanted like a batman action figure or a barbie doll, I didn't care as long it was a toy.

  16. You can usually tell if a child (male or female) is meant for STEM from a very young age, like 4th or 5th grade. Same thing with artistic and sportive skills, and many other abilities. It's just that most parents are awfully unobservant and they believe in the ridiculous principle of "encouraging your child to follow his passion". Except no child is going to magically succeed in a subject unless you encourage them to do so. That's why so many adolescents and young adults are lost and aimless.

  17. Be yourself
    Love yourself

    And let people be like they want and don't blame them just because they are"girly" or "manly"

  18. I'm a girl and my favorite toy was a dinosaur called Dini and my favorite activity was watching insects… I still watch them (Sorry if my English is bad)

  19. Loooooool. Speaking of toys, I remember seeing that Barbie can be anything right. Like that girl has been a doctor, vet, actor, astronaut, literally everything lol so I've always wanted to be like her in that sense hahaa and now I have an exceptionally hard life goal. Try several jobs like her looool.

  20. Ok I’m definitely more of a boy stereotype, but…

    They can play with any toys. Like boys can play with girl toys and vis versa, like honestly we can do whatever we desire

  21. When i was young i was never really into barbies or baby like toys for a matter of fact i think i was scared of them 😀 but i always got books and stuff for birthdays and christmas . Once i got older in my teens i got gift card to shop for myself

  22. I think people should just do whatever they're interested in, whether or not it pays ass much it as little as another job. Gender stereotypes are stupid and I wish they would stop

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