Geeta Dutt – Biography

"My lover has settled in
my heart in such a way.. ..that I have lost sense
of my body and mind." The queen of most buttery
voice in the Hindi film.. ..industry is Geeta Dutt. "When I got the sense
that he has come, I hid.. face under my saree
(Indian women's clothing)." "My lover has settled in
my heart in such a way." It is believed that Geeta Dutt was.. ..born on 23rd November 1930. Back then Geeta was known by the name of.. ..Geeta Roy Chowdhuri. And her father was a well versed landlord. "I don't know where did my heart go?" "Just right now it was
here, where did it go?" "It died on its style, it
got scared of big eyes." It is to be noticed that Geeta
Dutt's family shifted from.. ..Kolkata to Mumbai in the year 1942. This was the same time when Geeta used.. learn some light music. And a weird coincidence
happened, when little.. Geeta Roy was humming in her room.. ..a music director passed
by and he was stunned by.. ..Geeta Dutt's voice. And he told Geeta's parents
that they should.. ..definitely teach music to their daughter. Who knew that music director would give.. ..Geeta Roy a chance to sing in movies. "What if I settle my heart in your eyes?" "What if I close my eyes
and punish your heart?" In the year 1946, Geeta Roy
got a chance to sing.. a movie "Bhakt Pralhad". But that day wasn't far
when the film industry's.. ..famous and respected music
director, S.D.Burman.. ..would give Geeta Dutt a
chance to sing in his movies. Her transformation from
Geeta Roy to Geeta Dutt.. also very interesting. Actually a song was being
recorded for the movie.. .."Baazi" and there, Geeta Roy met an.. ..upcoming film maker Guru Dutt. And their friendship grew so strong, that.. ..talks of a marriage were being made. And on 26th May 1953, Geeta
Roy became Geeta Dutt. "I will tie flowers of love in your hair." "What if I move my hair
and drop these flowers?" Geeta Dutt and Guru Dutt had three kids. Sons Tarun, Arun and a daughter Neena. Geeta Dutt and Guru
Dutt's pair was giving.. ..many good music and songs. The song 'waqt ne kiya kya
haseen sitam' by Geeta Dutt.. ..for the movie "Kaagaz Ke Phool" is one of.. ..Amitabh Bachchan's favourite songs. "Time has caused such an irony.. are not yourself, I am not myself." Geeta Dutt sang songs for Bengali, Nepali.. ..and Hindi movies. But her work with S.D.Burman, O.P.Nayyar.. ..and Hemant Kumar was highly appreciated. Geeta's voice had a uniqueness.. ..and was a little mischievous. And a lot of unspoken emotions would step.. ..down in ones heart through her voice. "Cold wind, dark clouds, what are.. ..they saying while dancing?" "That beauty is dancing carrying love." In the late 50's there
was a fight between.. ..S.D.Burman and Lata Mangeshkar. And S.D.Burman wanted to
work with Geeta Dutt only. And this was the time when Asha Bhosle.. ..wasn't taken seriously. Thus, even O.P.Nayyar wanted that his.. ..songs should be sung by Geeta Dutt. "Mister, walk slowly, be a
little careful when in love.. ..because there are many frauds.. ..many frauds on.. ..many frauds on this way." But fate changed its way,
and there was a crack.. ..between Geeta Dutt and
Guru Dutt's marriage. Because of the family
problems, Geeta Dutt's.. ..attention from music was drifted. "Come here, come here, come here." "A voice from somewhere
far says, come here." If in the world of movies,
if among actresses.. ..Meena Kumari is considered
as a tragedy queen, then.. the world of music,
Geeta Dutt is considered.. ..a tragedy queen. 'Don't leave me and go away.." "..I swear I will cry." "I will cry." In the year 1964, Geeta Dutt's husband.. ..Guru Dutt passed away. And Geeta Dutt could not
handle this tragedy. A lot of difficulties came in front of.. ..Geeta Dutt, one by one. And these conditions had completely.. ..broken Geeta Dutt. 'Impatient hearts will
meet in such a manner.. ..the manner in which we never met." "You also got lost, I
also got lost, after.. ..walking two steps on a road." It is also believed that
alcohol also played.. ..a very negative role
in Geeta Dutt's life. And that it was the cause
of Geeta Dutt's death too. "These messed up hair, this glowing soot.. ..these fragrant bangles, my heart's…" "All these are for you my darling, today.. ..I won't let you go." "I won't let you go." On 20th July 1972, Geeta Dutt passed away.. a very tender age. But Geeta Dutt's voice is immortal. Geeta Dutt's voice is one
of the few unique voices.. ..which can't be copied by anyone. This is the kind of voice that
while signing, it talks too. "You tell the entire world,
don't be so innocent.. ..who does, he pays, this
is the rule of here." "Bullying won't work here,
this is Mumbai, this is.. ..Mumbai, this is Mumbai, my life." "Oh heart, it is easy to live
here, listen mister, listen.., this is Mumbai, my life."

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  1. jab bhi golden era ki baat
    hogi , tab geeta dutt ji baat hogi ,
    geeta ji ke bina
    GOLDEN ERA adhoora hai ♨🌴🌷🌱🌲🍓🌂

  2. Geeta ji is a great singer,her singing was soulful.She will be always there with us by her evergreen songs

  3. there was some dispute between gita dutt and guru dutt. every sad song sung by gitta dutt seemed to have sung for guru dutt sad!!!!!

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