so looks like an episode of gas pipes has been a delayed and the show might be cancelled within itself because poets corn tweets have resurfaced and copepod mighty or the ones who did a particular article and it's causing a lot of massive friction for both people and the show cats and a lot of people I owe you a gas for example so it's been two weeks is the last one and two the episode would have been Terminator but obviously some things are going on behind the scenes there's a lot of going on with you know my bridge and poet and there's all these dumb stuff but basically boiler room have taken upon themselves to delay today's gasworks episode cause of this bum drama hey guys it's Ron Ron you know if you guys are doing well today now before we get into the video subscribe to my channel click that button massively appreciate it and a deathly 40 minutes of emerado underscore Mirani is what the details are called the situation is actually really really tricky because you know you can occur so many different perspectives or we're seeing here the particulars we know he's been on gas folks other shows and as a presenter alongside here's a colleague and they both do go see a show and he and what we're seeing here is palatine himself is quite pissed off he's really pissed off drama and it's just quite frankly you know their champion freedom of speech and stuff and give us money to do the show but then when something happens they want to not do the show I don't know it doesn't make no sense if you want us to be reckless and and check our you know opinions and offend people and stuff why would you then it's all done it to the point where you know he's really irritated because it's cloudy the tweets that will resurface to work you know Antony would relate tweets where it's talking about women and you know that they're only here for gratification call them sending a lot misogyny but this wasn't done of five years ago so one can argue can people like grow people so wasn't done yesterday it wasn't five years ago however this is not the first time he's being you know caught up for his own tweets it was caught up before about tweets about black women in particular and I don't record an apology anyhow but it's funny how this situation is causing major loss but when he was a lovely woman that was easily pushed aside that purpose is very slight and I find it interesting but we can also say why do I get the same reception because obviously Howard tweets came back and it was quite dangerous she said she addressed it and even her dressing his controversal so really really you can kind of just argue why are people getting the same attention to poet that they give to my chela because my dumb ass slit the room and is doing well you know you can argue that perspectives or something has so many different paths we we can take to this I'll hide himself has now found a had these sexist tweets that this this particular person who made the block did on poet so again at that particular person is innocent and really truly nobody's innocent we're all sinners in that regard nobody's perfect but you know I do feel like it's a bit of a shame for the people and gas first and what I find a bit confusing is color hat is pissed he is actually so appears to the point where he writes in his story that you know he wants his fans and followers to go can app there he thinks blades novel he is like the CEO of boiler room and he's like tell this Peter Crouch looking prick to bring up the episode and STOP delaying greatness have obviously a lot of people while doing so they go to him again and tell me the mug I was like this kind of CEO I understand that what he's doing is long and annoying and irritating and fair and just but she became his energy to the CEO might never wit and then the CEO is showing all these messages that where people are pissed off and he says don't worry it's not a real thing so what does that done I don't I don't know that mean maybe he's saying that the show will be fine and it's gonna come back and example if every does because clearly it's a major demand but I don't know what you guys think what's I know you want do you guys feel that poet deserves some form you know consequences for his actions or do you guys feel like it was five years ago people can you learn change and they're entitled to change if people I entitled to nobody else's business there surely people are also entitled to change they were also tired to progress themselves to become better individuals and you know what somebody was five years ago is different to how they are now and they can grow ever they could learn or do you feel like he rightly deserves to be you know off the curb by nineteen he deserves for this whole scandal with gas folks to be delayed and you know alcohol himself fighting and like you know the same rough country something fun before poet for that particular governor in this hilarious a kind just shows that you know not everybody's innocent and it's very easy just to throw the stone and pretend you're sinless and you know we go on that route as well so there's so many different avenues and pathways we can meet discuss and you know make this a very interesting discussion because really true this is causing some unnecessary heat and you know scandal for the show and if the way our hardness Giddings nh-2 CEO coryandpierre crouch and you know all this other stuff he is the CEO is that is not only going to extend the issues with cuss word it's not being on i don't know to go this may be a way it is good but like these are they CEO boram's I'm just like okay like I want to be at my CEO other but obviously you want the show to come back and hopefully it does next week and there are no more delays and will probably return to the show we don't know this isn't the first time he's been cool but at the same time you know it was five six years ago so is there a cave meant to you know just grew and apologized but that isn't the apology thing of creating or every what to do that and the Notes app why are we doing all this day I passed through seven different questions and so many different ways we can answer this do you never know what you guys think about this particular issue comment down below I've massively appreciate it hit me up on my Instagram arrived underscore write my name and I finally I subscribed to my channel click click click thank you guys for watching and I'll most definitely catch you guys soon


  1. Didn’t he have a lot of anti black women tweets and nothing happened?
    Wonder what changed for boiler room?

    Also his co host is calling it ‘dumb drama’ instead of cautioning poet. He isn’t black so ofcourse it won’t affect him.

  2. People did not watch this video properly or the demograph of this channel is just really young.
    Anyway its not the tweets about black women he is in trouble for as everyone in these comments keeps talking about
    Its about women and womens day and womens football. So its other old tweets but about all women and white women.

  3. Poet does not deserve to be punished for his comments made five years ago. He has been involved in a ton of fantastic projects (COPA90, Gasworks, Filthy Fellas, etc.), and made major contributions, making him a valuable asset to all of these shows. That alone makes it a unwise decision to de-platform him across the board because those brands will lose a lot of respect from a large portion of fans that believe in freedom of speech.
    As a long time fan of Poet, my opinion on him will be slightly biased. But I have to say, it is quite clear to me that the tweets that have resurfaced from five years ago do not reflect his true beliefs towards women or life in general. I believe that they show his sense of humor and that he never actually believed the comments he made. Poet has always made controversial comments and poked fun at sensitive issues, because it's interesting and quite funny. I admire him because he knows that and doesn't really care about the offense it could cause to others.
    So the problem is if he is being banned from these platforms for something that I see as comedic, but others see as offense, then freedom of speech must be addressed. So if we're going to start banning public influencers who represent both a project/company and their fans, where do we draw the line? Because there is so many people that say much worse than Poet, some with even a larger platform than him that go completely unnoticed. The best way to solve this problem is by believing that people can change. It's the only clear line that can be set, because otherwise there is a grey area around politics and ethics that gets involved in issues like this.

  4. I am 1000% sure everyone in this comments section has made offensive comments in the past. But for poet to get caught lackin twice…

  5. Boy I’m glad I’m not on social media heavy like that. I’ve seen people loose work, normal 9-5 type folk on a normal one in regards to going on social and saying stuff. Be careful

  6. I've had a big lifestyle and mindset change of my own in 3 years.
    Who's to say Poet has not changed his lifestyle and mindset in 5 years.
    Twitter is too overrated.

  7. Oops I literally mentioned how much of a tosser this poet guy is from the old tweets I used to see when I used to follow the prick on twitter.🤣👌

  8. Alhans money must be long that he's can afford to insult the CEO and tell man yo upload the show. Alhans has officially got above his station. Unemployment is a cunt u know….Just saying

  9. Oh my black women stay complaining I swear I beg you to stop playing the victim I don’t understand, everyone goes through struggles not only black people as a black person myself all this complaining pisses me off as if people don’t be saying “I hate white bitches” or “white girls are ugly” etc. You girls love to play victim as soon as black is mentioned but have no issues in violating other races.. hypocrisy.

  10. The problem here is that black women are the main supporters of these fools .maya ,stormzy and co …Black women we needs to start hitting them pockets of these racist and colorists fools .

  11. I'm slightly confused did he do it again or is boiler room late
    He gave a apology a few times on halfcast podcast so I'm just wondering if he did it again because if this is the old tweet n he apologised then..
    You might as well hold the others accountable who got let of which were a few artist 🧐 ..
    BTW not justifying his actions just don't wanna see double standards if he is held accountable were it's messing his brand others should get that same treatment.

  12. shiiiiiiit I'm pissed, I fucking love this show 🙃 wonder if Poet will speak about it on halfcast podcast ?
    Murad the da best tea, hats off sir 👏🏾

  13. Love ur content but moving on to the next story please … 😴 poet so irrelevant in my opinion and do not care to hear about him ..Thanking u in advance 😘

  14. What did he say .. murad you have to start from the beginning of us are not active on social or follow this people

  15. I haven't even seen the tweets or got into the video yet really and I knew it would be about Poet degrading people again. I find it funny when people like him who resemble something out of a bug's life have so much to say smh

  16. Who's surprised ? Poet has said some fuck shit on Gasworks before. I guarantee that no dark-skinned black woman is caught off guard by this. People can grow. But when a pattern is exposed, a conversation needs to be had.

  17. There was literally a gasworks episode on old tweets with Alhan saying he dares anyone to bring back his old tweets. Everyone’s got old stuff they’ve said in the past. Why is it an issue

  18. I normally would cancel him but I actually remember watching him apologised on a video podcast, I think there was 3 videos were he fully addressed his old tweets and admitted he was being 'a prick' his own words. Poet is poet!
    Kinda of weird that they would cancel a show now?

  19. I don’t understand how people can say “ohhh it was five years ago” Nahh your taught from primary school ‘think before you speak’ smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  20. It’s crazy how bashing black women is seen as a rite of passage everyone goes through, even black men, at a particular time ? It’s just crazy that it’s s phase that should be normalized because it was “ok” back then

  21. My problem with this is this is never for moral reasons. They dragged it out because poet works for the competitor

  22. Why do some black men think that it's ok to insult black women. I don't get what they accomplish by doing this.

  23. Exactly i was literally gonna say when he was disrespecting black women no one cared🤚🏾 he didnt apologise he just chatted shit on podcast with chuckie justifying it! He was cancelled for me back then…. now i dont care why the uproar now his comments bout his own skin colour was worse than this and nothing happened🙄

  24. Poet made an apology on Halfcast Podcast (in regards to Black women). I’m sure the @ the CEO move is for the hype, when this episode is made available it will get VIEWS!

  25. Guys. Go delete your old tweets. Please. I did it myself in reaction to this and you'll 9/10 usually be surprised by what you can find.

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