Game of Thrones Alternate Ending in Books? Jon Lady Stoneheart Theory!

48 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Alternate Ending in Books? Jon Lady Stoneheart Theory!

  1. Your Jon fan theory is the worst thing I've ever heard why did you waste my time with this nothing video. You don't have to post if you have nothing to say its ok just go for a walk or something. Start a hobby maybe.

  2. The setting of Cersei negotiating with Jon in King's Landing got me. I was theorized its outcomes for few days. LOL

  3. It's not the choices that Dan & Dave made for the final season that make the season bad, its that it wasn't written well. People didnt like when Ned Stark died, or the Red Wedding, etc. But the seasons that these events happened were great because of the dialog and the great story telling

  4. I think George RR Martin told them that Jon kills the Night King but they changed it for the shock value.

  5. Yeah I'm not going to start that book series until the series is finished. I feel it won't be as torturous for me in the long run.

  6. omg! you have the exact same members only jacket i used to have. mr. birdie num-num should be a returning character, definitely.

  7. Season 8 was the biggest insult to the fans the writers D&D are money grabbing [email protected]$tards for star wars it shows they had no real compassion or love for GRRMs work only to use it as a stepping stone for when something bigger came along Brans character was literally pointless and had no actual real impact to the NK or endgame the story would have still played out the same way if he had died when the nk touched him on their first meeting

  8. Thats exactly how I feel like the ending would have made more sense with more time and more explanation 👍🏼

  9. I like how you made the raven talk. I’m In tears of laughter!!! 🤣🤣🤣 you are awesome 😎

  10. They should just start writing Game of Thrones: Alternate Endings (Series 01?.) Each AE could start at a different point in the original series and satisfy different audiences with different endings, while simultaneously luring everyone in to watching a couple more seasons just to see what happens… this time.

  11. "As you can see I'm alone so it could get weird"
    2 seconds later he picks up the raven and makes it talk..
    Welp that didnt take long

  12. I think the key to the prequels is to keep them short and sweet. If they really plan to do 3 more, I think 3-5 seasons each would be good, each series would only overlap for like a year or two. A chance to see original azor ahai? Now that's epic fantasy!

  13. If you think season 8 was a disappointment, wait until you figure out there is no way George RR Martin will have the last book done before he shuffles off the mortal coil.

  14. Can't wait for George's ending when he is 85, it's not like he will be long dead by then, do the math…

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