Gacha Life ~ Soldier, Poet, King MEP! ~ OPEN (9/11)

25 thoughts on “Gacha Life ~ Soldier, Poet, King MEP! ~ OPEN (9/11)

  1. SparklyPurr
    Part 11
    CCP, Kinemaster Diamond, PowerDirector Premium, Ibis Paint x
    Ps. I love your videos!

  2. Channel name:ItZ_Gacha_ Christy
    Cute Cut Pro
    Ibis PaintX
    Video star

  3. •iddle teen•
    Part 9
    Password: todoroki:)
    Medibang Paint, Cute cut Pro, flipaclip, kinemaster.

  4. The Pastel Donut Triplets
    5 or any part that’s free that has words
    Password Todoroki
    Editors ibis paint x Gachalife KineMaster Funimate

  5. Name: Scar Lightxing
    Part: 9
    Password: Todoroki
    Editors: KineMaster (with watermark), IbisPaint X and maybe MovStash.

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