G Herbo’s Favorite Verse: Lil Wayne’s “Ride for My Niggas (Sky is the Limit)”

– I swear to God, if I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’. Like, on my son, I don’t even
mean to put nothin’ on my son. Like, as I’m recitin’ that line right now, I just got the chills sayin’ that. You feel me, like, I forget a lot of shit, but I cannot forget the streets. Like, I swear to God,
I just feel chills go all through my body as
I’m sayin’ it right now. Still to this day, you feel me? Like Wayne still give me
chills when I hear his music. That’s how you know when it’s, only certain songs give me the chills. Like, I just felt a vibration go through my whole body sayin’ that. Like, I really felt
that shit, you feel me? (“Ride for My Niggas” by Lil Wayne) First time I heard it,
the drop three came out, I remember it like yesterday. I was at my aunt house, with my cousin. I got the 40 cal. tucked in
my PRPs, what do you expect? I’m from New Orleans. You know what I’m sayin’ like, those are really clothes you
gotta live in, in Chicago. You know so basically, you gotta have a kill or be killed
mentality, like the jungle. And that’s the mentality
I walk around with that’s probably why I’m still alive today. ♪ You looking for Divine
and a little intervention ♪ ♪ And them birds don’t fly
without my permission ♪ ♪ I’m probably in the sky ♪ – Flying with the fishes Or maybe in the ocean
swimming with the pigeons. Just that type of wordplay shit,
like, that is so different. Like, you know what I’m
saying like, fishes don’t fly, but you get what he’s saying. I’m up here with people that’s
not even up my (slang term), you know what I’m sayin’
like, he basically saying I’m at the top and these people
not even of my character. That’s what I interpret it
for man like, I’m at the top and these niggas not
who they say they are. You know what I’m sayin’
at least 90% of them. Fuck niggas, bitches,
hoe ass niggas lyin’. Oh I’m at the bottom, and these
niggas aint full of nothin’ but grimey, sneek, grimlen. You know what I’m sayin’ and
I’m worth a 100 Million dollars I don’t even got no business being here. Or, I’m a real nigga, I don’t
got no business being around these fuck niggas. ♪ See my world is different,
like Dwayne Wayne, ♪ – and if you want trouble,
bitch I want the same thang. and you know that I’m gon’ ride
with my motherfucking niggas I just got chills saying that
like, if you want trouble, bitch I want the same thang! I’m lookin’ for everything
you lookin’ for. Like, we all want trouble,
but if you want trouble I want it just as bad as you do. ♪ My flow is art, unique,
my flow can part a sea ♪ ♪ The only thing on a
mind of a shark is eat ♪ ♪ By any means, and you just sardines ♪ ♪ I got the 40. Cal tucked in
my Prps what do you expect? ♪ ♪ I’m from New orleans. ♪ – That line, is probably one
of the most powerful lines in hip hop. You know what I’m sayin’
like, the only thing on the mind of a shark
is eat, by any means. You gotta have a shark mentality,
you gotta have a ape/lion mentality if you wanna win,
you know what I’m sayin’ like, you gotta make certain sacrifices, you gotta cut certain people off. (stutters) You know like,
nobody could stop my destiny or stop my fate, block my happiness. Not my mother, nobody. I let nobody control my fate, my destiny, cause I got a shark like mentality. Nobody could stop me from
getting where I’m going, nobody could stop me eating,
you’re just sardines. Like, you’re so easy for me to get past. Like, I don’ event want
to, you not a threat, I don’t even wanna eat you. You feel me like, you’re not
even gonna do nothin’ for me. ♪ The majority of my city is riders ♪ ♪ They tried to make a
brand new map without us ♪ – but the tourists come in
and spend too many dollars so no matter how you change
it, it’ll still be ours. That line is basically sayin’,
okay you gon’ petrify this, but it’s gon’ still be New Orleans. No matter how much you petrify,
you could try to put as many white, black, hispanic,
asian, whoever you wanna put over there. No matter what when you
think of New Orleans, you gon’ think of Wayne,
you gon’ think of creole, you gon’ think of po boys. You know what I’m sayin’ like
it’s gon’ be ours regardless. You know what I’m sayin’
like that’s some of the strongest shit you could say. You feel me like, we
gon’ always have a coach because guess what, they lookin’ up to me. They wanna be like me. You know what I’m sayin’ like
no matter what color they are. You know they lookin’ up to me, they lookin’ up to our culture. They wanna dress like us,
talk like us, walk like us. So no matter how you change
it, it still be ours. ♪ Can you see me up there? ♪ ♪ The sky is the limit ♪ ♪ The sky is the limit ♪

100 thoughts on “G Herbo’s Favorite Verse: Lil Wayne’s “Ride for My Niggas (Sky is the Limit)”

  1. Wayne's best verse is by far his opening on "Yes We Do" & his 2nd best is "Tha G Code" I think you'd have to be crazy to debate this.

  2. See my world is different like Dwayne Wayne. And if you want trouble, bitch i want the same thang

    Its a sick line because his name is dwayne aka lil wayne

    And there was a show called A Different World, and Dwayne Wayne was the main character

  3. I fuck with old wayne and new wayne. People think he fell off but his word play and metaphors are still elite.

  4. I’m prolly in the sky flyin wit da fishes or maybe in the ocean swimming wit da pigeons see my world is different like Dwayne Wade

  5. Wayne has to many quotables. this was mike jones song lol." i get on anybody track and hit that bitch with that wayne train"

  6. This was back when Wayne would hop on another artist's beat, and you forget the original song because he bodied it! Without Google, a lot of people cant even name the original artist that used this beat. Hint: Who??

  7. LMAO. Funny thing is after Wayne spit on this, I never heard nobody play the original version again. He did that to ALOT of great songs.

    "And you don't wanna fuck with a soldier, use your head 'fore I take it off ya shoulders. Run up in ya house and shoot everyone that's sitting on the living room sofa….. That's fucked up"

  8. Proud to see Wayne get the respect he deserve. When you hear the flick of the lighter you know who it is‼️ Wayne the 🐐

  9. He speaking that truth Wayne is the best still till this day he did not fall off he has a situation going on every mixtape he ever made after dedication and drought was hard period

  10. Why nobody give the carter 2 credit that’s my favourite album and to me he spit the most 🔥 on that damn it so underrated

  11. And when I was 5 my fav movie was the gremlins aint got shit to do with this, i just thought that I should mention

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