Future Visions for Design Education

in the past design education relied a lot on giving people basic skills because the design tools and technologies and means of creating design were expensive so a lot of skills are becoming universals and people are learning to do these things so we need to educate designers at the higher level that they become more aware of the impact of design in things like society and things like sustainability a lot of the design is now service design Park Service systems really using design to bring about change in public secretary as well as in in private organizations we are going to get more Theory based and more encompassing topic topical range that designers need to understand they also need to increasingly learn to work with new kinds of professionals the interactions that we have now with mobile devices they will move increasingly towards our body but then into virtual environments so you might think of job titles which now are user experience designer or interaction designer where now you sort of have separate disciplines or different profiles for these different types of designers what I think you we will start seeing more and more is that these will start to integrate we live in a complex situation where we will be generating a tremendous amount of information and my passion is to resolve issues around data and then what we could do with this tremendous amount of data and how do we make sense of this data this research is about collaboration with other people and and the knowledge that you build requires this ability to work with others a lot of my work deals with one or other aspect of IT systems it deals with innovation studies it deals with organizations and it deals with design so these are the kinds of competencies that are spread around although when I entered although I found it and all the wide research group where we've had but maximum we had people from four out of six other schools there is a tremendous awareness of design in Finland and Helsinki for that matter people are so active in design field you know there are a lot of activities happening around so it is definitely offering interesting ecosystem I would say

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