Future Freeway Prose – Visual Meditation #2 – God would be proud of the things we’ve accomplished

the modern man is rocked to sleep, by the ebb and flow of pulse and glide traffic designed to maximize energy efficiency through a computational system which accelerates each car, ten miles
per hour, and then de-celerates the car, until it reaches a lower
capacity then the cars, in unison, pulse forward again surging up, ten miles per hour and then, they coast and as this giant wave of mass and energy moves forward it undulates in a tone that only God could hear. And He was pleased. And then, He smiled upon the people of the earth and said– “I believe… that you have made this, and I believe that it is good. you have made this and I see that it is good and I am proud but the people couldn’t hear it the radios were too loud

4 thoughts on “Future Freeway Prose – Visual Meditation #2 – God would be proud of the things we’ve accomplished

  1. Even though the artsy/poem stuff isn't quite my scene, I thought this simple concept came together nicely. Really liked that last line too. Good work, as always 🙂

  2. Are you kidding? There's an audience for everything. One guy got 500 subscribers just from farting on camera. The problem you have might have is merely finding that audience. Your EchoLake video did pretty great though 🙂

    I think your channel just requires some consistency, both in tone, scheduling, and style — but so long as the trademark Horne personality is on display, I'm sure any direction you take can be successful.

  3. No, definitely not suggesting that. As long as the tone is "things Ezra likes", it'll be fine. Just have to find a sort of rhythm to it all, I guess. Can't articulate what I'm suggesting well, but apparently you get it.

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