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Hi There! Tabatha Roach here with Usborne Books and More, excited to share with you some amazing, fun books and the magic about Usborne and Kane Miller. Fun books is–it’s inevitable that a spark of creativity imagination and learning
will happen while you’re having fun with these awesome books. So here we go–for little ones, slide and see books. We have Animals we have Under the Sea and maybe more to come
it has built in interactive sliding and see–sliding features that will be so fun and definitely spark a love of fun interactive books and they will love that for quite some time.
And definitely pop-up books are amazing. Finally we now have two great options: Pop-Up Jungle, for little ones–beautiful colors, animals, which kids love of course and they interact with the exciting features of being a pop-up book. I absolutely love that page. The tiger jumps out at you. Great gift idea and, Halloween lovers, we now have pop-up haunted house. So much fun, lots to read along the way–things to
hide in the pictures and even some moving parts as well as well–this page is full of those and pop-outs. This is definitely a fun book that kids will never forget having in their home. Ok, so Art, Math–total fun and they go together right? Maybe not usually but in this book it does and it does make total sense. It talks all about patterns and symmetry and shapes. Well, those things are definitely in math and art, So, that’s a great option for anyone
interested in both of those. Another really fun series that we now have are our activity packs. Super cute, they come their little carrying case. Two of my favorites are Getting Ready for School, wipe-clean books, comes with 4 miniature-size wipe-clean books. One
of them has the dry-erase marker on it, So they can have their fun and learning
activity, wipe them clean, put them back in the little carrying case–ready to go on the next trip or whatever. Another great option is our Step-by-Step Drawing Activity Pack. My daughter who’s 10, going into the 5th grade still–she absolutely loves this is well it comes with Step-by-Step Drawing People, and Drawing Animals and Step-by-Step Drawing Book and you can
see how they give, just step-by-step prompts that really make it doable to draw just about anything, gives them room to draw it, and then their own little blank drawing book which I love–that I as a momma have this now as a keepsake to keep some of their awesome drawing in one place, from that special age. Lots of other great
activity books as well– Superfun are our write your own story
books we have First Story, Comics, and Write Your Own Story. These are not only fun, but so great at building writing skills, talking about character development and plots and everything that goes with being successful and creative writers. And again, excellent keepsakes to store those excellent stories they come up with. We have several books and have the rip-out pages and they fold to something like paper planes, origami. We also now have Dragons to fold and fly and Spaceships to fold and fly. These are great books to have in your
home to do as a fun, calming, interactive activity that doesn’t involve
electronics, with–together as a family. And lots of great conversations will happen, lots of great memories will be created. OK, sticker books–everyone loves them. You never grow out of them. Umm, we have excellent first books that provide like, a scene for the young sticker lover, and then the larger stickers so this is great as they’re developing their fine motor skills.
Another favorite of mine is the big dressing up sticker book because it also
promotes critical thinking, as they have to make a lot of decisions as to what
that child is going to wear for the appropriate event or weather–make sure
they have everything they need, really good. And very popular are ours sticker dolly dressing books we have the sticker dressing books where there’s a lot of boy characters, from heroes, to soldiers, sailors and seafarers– everything. Also many with the girl characters and
some of them have both boy and girl characters and they basically read about
the characters some of them have a lot of great historical information like
wartime fashion, and then they go to the pages and dress them. Dozens and dozens available in that series. We also have build your own cars, build your own pictures, so this is just a sneak peek at some of the different sticker book options. Finally coloring, painting–our new paint–
Magic Painting Book. This marker is a magic marker that you just dip in water
and then you turn to the black and white page and start coloring in the white
spots and beautiful colors will magically appear we also now have a
Christmas one. And finally coloring which is all the rage. Look, everyone loves to color and it’s therapeutic for absolutely everyone, including the little ones, we have lots of great first coloring books again as their developing those fine motor skills. I love “Nature to Color.” It has lots of great science information about flowers, butterflies, everything–giving information about species. It gives the color patterns where they can copy them or
create their own. This is one of our latest ones that adults are going crazy over–but you know–might be a young young child interest and maybe an adult–so much fun, very therapeutic, and one of our top sellers is our Drawing Doodling and Coloring Book it will really last forever this is my go-to as a gift idea, for
birthday parties, um, it really sparks a lot of great creativity, and imagination and of course art therapy. Hope you enjoy those. Have fun reading!

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