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kids hi friends welcome to my channel SW tag kids today I have another pack of twenty puzzles just like the ones that I showed you a few videos ago the only difference is that instead of poopsie slimes the prizes are going to be everything you see here and here I have my album or I posted all of the 20 puzzles that I did last time well we're not going to look at all of them because today we have new ones friends there's another difference this time other than the puzzles that we're going to open we're also going to fill out this frozen sticker album very similar to the one we did with lol surprise and The Incredibles the way this is going to work is we do the puzzle then we do one packet of the stickers in the frozen album and then we'll open the prize boys and girls we are going to be super busy today so let's get to work ahead let's start with my favorite princess Belle and since this one is 50 pieces let's start with the border and this one turned out to be vertical friends I'm super excited to complete this frozen album oh we got one for the first page number two and this one comes with a poster too and we also have a two so I'm going to stick it on here right away we got 78 which is when Kristoff and Anna met up at the store 133 the marshmallow monster ooh I like that it tells us a story here and here we have 124 I love it it's the ice stairs that Elsa makes oh no it's all know when she started freezing what a coincidence friends we got one for the first page and one for the last page I should actually say that we got the very last sticker that means we're off to a good start and now it's time for us to open our first prize which will be this lovely nail polish set I like it because it has nail polish of every color and not only that friends there's two versions of each it has the solid color and then it has one with glitter this one is cupcake oh they're actually all cupcake here we have the orange one solid and with glitter yellow oh I like the cupcake on the glitter one here we have the blue one and it just occurred to me that we can paint one nail with the solid color and another one with glitter one with solid and one with glitter whoo I love the purple cupcakes and finally we have the pink ones and we'll continue with vamp Rina this one will be easy only 24 pieces and that's it for Van Breda and let's glue it to the album and this one is also vertical and I'll put it very carefully so it doesn't fall apart and now it's time to do the next group of stickers we'll start off with the lowest number which is 19 it's when Anna and Elsa are little girls and they love playing with ice I love this page it's all icy and here we have the opposite with the Chimpy nice and warm this one is 29 and now we're looking for 58 and I found it here sorcery oh no poor Elsa they're accusing her of sorcery and now we're looking for 97 and it's mr. Christophe number 120 and here we have a funny Olaf and we finished our first two sticker pictures that was quick and our next prize is a Christmas lol ball I love these dolls because they come covered in glitter another thing I like is that the ball is transparent and I love transparent things so these balls have two of my favorite things and it's full of surprises let's open all the accessories at once the shoes oh I know who it is her bracelets it's pranksta I knew it and pranksta is ready to decorate a Christmas tree and speaking of frozen how about the next puzzle we do is an Anna and Elsa it's fifty pieces let's start off with the border it's so pretty and I like that it's horizontal let's glue it very carefully I love this one frozen album the sticker packet the lowest number we got is 46 and it's from the day of Elsa's coronation Oh Elsa looks so cute here I'm sure that she's smiling at her sister Anna and we'll go to the 50s because we have 54 oh poor Elsa I think this is when the people found out about her powers and she got really nervous and we move over here this one looks like it's special let's see what we get oh yeah it's special yay I bet it's hard to find because it has a lot of glitter and it's fun whoo we got another square to complete we got 93 here oh how nice they have instructions on how to make snowflakes here how about we try it out here we go and we'll make some designs I'm going to copy the design that the album has but you guys at home can be more creative and make your own designs let's see how he came out whoo a perfect frozen snowflake and here we have Hans just about ready to kiss Anna will he kiss her friends I won't say because I don't want to have spoilers in case someone hasn't seen the movie yet where's Kristoff going to so fast he's galloping at full speed with Sven prize time I've had this one for a while some of you guys have asked me to get some toys from Masha and the bear so I bought this set a while ago it has the chalkboard all right Masha have a seat here it's your first day of school Oh Mrs W tad I forgot my school supplies oh don't worry about it Masha here's a backpack an abacus so you can do math and I also have a calculator a set of rulers and even a laptop Wow miss SW tad I'm going to learn a lot in this school and let's switch it up a little bit and let's do this one with Minnie and Daisy friends I love Minnie and Daisy this one is super cute Oh album album whoo let's see which packet we're going to complete this time boys and girls have you noticed that we haven't gotten a single duplicate that's great here we have 39 and it's when Hans and Otto me and now on the next page we have 43 and it's from coronation day when Elsa is super nervous and we'll go to the next page because here we have 52 oh no it doesn't look like anna and elsa are having a good moment we have another square to complete here here we have 65 and we're going to need to look for 64 to complete this square can you guess who it is friends and we're now looking for 79 oh no poor Kristoff they threw him out of the shop more of the funny Olaf what a good life this snowman has whoo and we have one for the last page oh it wasn't for the last one it was for the second to last one this one is so pretty I love it it's also an honor reconciling price price price and it's of my little pony coloring packet here we have markers a page of stickers oh we have a little problem because we don't have Rainbow Dash's colors but we do have pink for Pinkie Pie the good thing is that I love to color so I'm more than prepared here with more colors and now I do have colors for Rainbow Dash and that's it for them let's do this one that's difficult with 50 pieces we'll put the example over here and we'll begin you Gina Rapunzel make a good couple and this one is also going to be vertical this puzzle is really nice I love it more stickers or stickers of course because we want to complete the album we got a bunch in the 40s we got 42 Allah and Huns the day they met we got oh the first duplicate we have the first duplicate number 47 we don't have that one Anna and Elsa talking on the day of her coronation Elsa with her ice dress I love that dress and we have 88 I don't know how this one goes it's a little strange oh I got it that wolf looks super fierce and 115 which is Olaf on vacation and now it's time for the prize and since we did a Rapunzel puzzle how about we open this Disney animators Rapunzel set who Rapunzel looks so lovely here this set comes with so much stuff it even comes with a surprise let's see what it is it's a bunny I thought it was going to be Eugene let's see if the tower opens nope oh I see it opens from the inside what a lovely day it is I wish I could go outside but I'm sure that Mother Gothel won't let me I'll just take out my paints hmm or maybe my guitar no I think I'll just put my guitar over here I wonder if Mother Gothel bought the new paints that I wanted well what she did get me was this rocking chair and the good thing is that I have this trunk filled with all of my paints from before this Lantern ooh a nice mirror Maximus what are you doing here bring you on you on you on you I have so much stuff that I need to organize in this house friends I'm happy that we haven't gotten too many duplicates of Elsa in the album so how about we do Elsa oh it's a hard 150 pieces we'll glue it on really well let's see which stickers we get in this one ooh we don't have this one and it's super cute Lana and also we're little and over here we have number 23 it's Anna and also with her parents and we have another one on this page as well it's 26 they're there with the trolls we got a lot from when Anna and Elsa were little and it's the day that Hans and autumn met we haven't gotten a single one on this page yeah but here we have the first one oh we've gotten a lot of these on this page with Olaf Olaf is over here enjoying summer and let's do another difficult one with 50 pieces we haven't gotten a lot of rare ones but the good thing is we haven't gotten a lot of duplicates either Pinkston we got another duplicate oh no another one it seems like we're getting all of the duplicates in this packet another duplicate Oh No Oh finally we don't have 160 yet it's on it completely frozen we don't have 137 either it's marshmallow well we got three new ones Kristoff looks really funny here prize prize prize and it's going to be a hashtag hair goals friends we still need one to complete the set stickers the mirror could it be the one that we need speaking of the one we need it's this one with purple hair could it be could it be oh it's up with the accessories first we'll open the three all at once I used to the other hoops baby duplicate in the unicorn video I made last time so yay oops baby now he got her again by the way if you guys haven't seen the video where I made a family for oops baby I'll leave it up here and in the description box how about now we do one of cars are we going to get some ones that are difficult to find or not e 12 it's here on Elsa's dress whoo how nice and this one is to complete Elsa's dress friends we got number one yay the first one of the whole album and here we have 30 and here we have 44 for coronation day we don't have any on this page yet but we got the first one and it's auda and Kristoff and here we have woo 148 the snowflakes have glitter on this one let's open some clothes for the lol surprise dolls the only one we're missing is this one which is the one that I've been wanting us to get since the beginning and we already have all of them except for that one so let's crush this gel we got a bathing suit with shoes and floaties now it's time to do another puzzle and we're going to do one of finding dory we're doing really well with this frozen album I love that we're not getting that many duplicates number 17 oh it's a duplicate but it's okay because we still have a bunch left oh no it's another duplicate friends that means that were very advanced in the album well we have one for the poster which is a nine and we didn't have that one and we have another one for the poster which is for Elsa's dress and it's a five and we don't have this one either 106 oh I think this is when autumn meets Olaf number 126 here we have on and Kristoff having fun in the snow and since Dori loves making lots of bubbles for a prize we won these lol surprise bubbles it comes in a very cute bottle that looks like a bottle yay bubbles all over the prizes and we'll continue with the Incredibles another packet oh I love it Elsa climbing the stairs and the first one that we have is 27 it's Elsa with her dad let's see which one do we have here 50 ooh Anna dancing with Hans it's one that's difficult to find 63 I love it it's super shiny eh we have 67 let it go let it go oh we already have this one it's a duplicate let's see 72 oh we don't have that one and 134 whoo another one that's difficult to find and it's covered in glitter also wow the marshmallow monster looks super scary here no wonder Anna and Kristoff are running away prize and it's going to be this PJ masks set let's open it really quickly it comes with a pack of markers a page of stickers but to have more options I'm going to use my markers we're going to color cat boy and Luna friends I don't have time to finish the video we're going to have to leave it here halfway done we have 10 puzzles done but tomorrow I'll upload the second part so stay tuned

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  1. The puzzle with elsa and anna i have a box my nana dot got me for my 8th birthday and it has the same puzzle on tge lid of it yiu got a lotbof things i got lol

  2. I'm gonna give you a hack,try looking beside the zipper of the fashion crush there are little holes to tear the zipper, then you can see the colour of the laundry basket maybe you can see GOLD

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