From Lonely & Unemployed To International Light Novel Author: The Exclusive Interview

46 thoughts on “From Lonely & Unemployed To International Light Novel Author: The Exclusive Interview

  1. Joey, you're doing an awesome thing by bringing us these light novel authors. It's really nice to know that they're relatable to. Instead of just being these mysterious figures, who can pump out hits. It's feels nice to know that they try hard and fail just like we do. Idk if this sounds weird but, thanks a lot man, keep it up.

  2. I'm so glad I found this interview. I started reading The Combat Baker and found myself immediately attached. His writing style is so intriguing and makes you want to keep going, love it!! I'm from America, live in Kyoto now. Though I don't like bread or rice haha.. grains make your body weak and sick, I stick to fish and vegetables.

  3. so im swedish and im 16 years old
    i want to write light novels but most light novel authors are japanese, got any tips?

  4. This is very good i trying to write my own light novel series but i think thier called short stories over here in America im very excited and it makes me happy to see light Aouther😄

  5. can we do the opposite though? write a novel in english and then expect it to be translated into japanese!?

  6. I hope more LN and manga authors do more interviews with popular anime YouTubers, the writers are so interesting and gives insight to the writing process and make me wont read there work, maybe others will too.

  7. Is it morally sad that the most books I have read are light novels? Any normal westerner probably doesn't even know what one is yet I only started reading a lot more because of light novels. Ultimate weeb mode activate!

  8. His interpretation of his MC sound a lot like Violet from Violet Evergarden; from a soldier who spreads death in the battlefield to an Auto Memory Doll which connects people through letters. I also like the contrast and parallels on both. I can't wait to read this LN.

  9. The Anime Man – man you really are awesome striking an interview with these guys! I wish Gen Urobuchi would one day be interviewed in this channel as well.

  10. Sow-sensei seems like a really down to earth kinda guy, I'm definitely going to read the first volume and see how it goes. Thanks for the interview (even though this comment it really late lol)

  11. hey bro …i wish you could reply to my comment…can you please mention the light novels competitions that sansie talk about on the video !?

  12. 3:07 I can definitely relate to that, looking at my charater list and realizing a 7:1 Male to Female ratio of characters.

  13. Really great interview! First japanese interview i've ever watched haha. Funny how he's worried about the whole bread thing XD

  14. Thank you for going out and getting to meet these amazing manga and light novel authors for not only yourself, but for us who are inspired by what they do as well. Not only does it show you that they are also just regular people, but it's a very enlightening experience getting to find out how these authors really are and how they came to be. Keep the amazing content my dude!

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