French books for beginners | كتب فرنسية للمبتدئين

hello everyone ! hope that you’re doing well that you’re in good health ha ha.. the worst intro ever ^^’ okey ..okey before we start you’re probably going to say Rania ..what are you doing !? why are you talking in french your channel is supposed to be in arabic so..i had an idea suddenly to show you books that i think are easy and comprehensive to say that they are books for beginners like that it will be easier for you to search.. and you will love the french language for sure i know you’re new here that you want to know the language that you want to have and adventure in a new univers with a new look to things ..because trust me when you speak a language it wil be different it will add lot of things to your personality will shine and i’m sure.. it will help you so without further due we will start with our books okey the first title is ” tha Alchemist ” by Paulo Coelho on the other’s not orginally french it is written by Paulo Coelho who is brazilian this version is translated but you can understand it easily a spanish shepherd guy passionated by reading and traveling his parants wanted for him to be a priest but he refused it and one day he had a dream that repeated every night it consists of searching a treasure hidden near the pyramids of egypt this young guy took the road to Tangier in the Maghreb and he started his journey he arrived …stolen by somebody i won’t tell you all the story otherwise it will be less interseting but.. this last will meat lot of characters a big adventure wait for him sometimes he feels bored and want to leave his dream but in each time an other character influences him that gives him the force to continue it’s up to you to guess what happens next the is something particular in this book that makes him a little bit special in all the works of paulo coelho there is this side he mixes the fictive world with the reality and we always end up believing him now i will finish talking about this book with a sentence that we find in this novel it’s ” if you really want to realize a dream all the world will make sure that you will realize it ” it’s what a character says in the book and it’s an important thing that we must have in our heads and apply it ..that’s it the second title is ” the zahir ” by the same writer this book is really special for me gave me a life lesson that i will never forget i was in a period in which i wanted to quit everything but because of this book i was able to be myself again and i could understand life in other way the story of this book was in Paris in the beginning in Paris but after.. the center of Asia in Kazakhstan the story talks about a famous writer that we don’t know the name and when we read it we can see that he talks about his real story his real life i said .. sorry for this .. light changing i use the sunlight and it’s going to be dark outside that’s it ..we’ll deal with it the wife of this writer was missing after ten years from their wedding without any explanation he said that she left him ..he was lonely sad and he lost the sense of life his wife became his ” Zahir ” the Zahir is ” something we don’t want ..or we can’t forget.. always in our mind ” this last couldn’t live without her he wrote a book to her he stayed like that for two years and one day ..the night of his signature he met the man that his wife knew and talk with lot of times his name is ” Mickael ” the writer undertood that he was the only one who can help to find his missing wife he talked with him he knew that he was from Kazakhtan .. he was epileptic and he listen to a voice that guide him he called it the ” presence ” with this young man he learned how to live ..the real love the way he has to follow especillay accept things as they are rather than avoid them time passes ..the writer learns lot of things and he decided to go and join his wife when he will be ready i think i talked so much about this book hope i didn’t spoil you but i had to ..i had to this novel shows that we have to separate the sentimental life from the practical one i mean when someone close to us goes we shouldn’t give up we should live with it ..accept it and this is what i appreciate about this book moving to the third one .. the story of this novel which is ” the Fifth Mountain ” happens in Phoenicia in a city named Sarepta the main character is an israelite prophet called ” Elijah ” his god order him to leave israel to go to this city and there he meet a widow with her son he lives with them..he used to this place..and one day the city will be surrounded by
military groups ..they are Assyrians who want to conquer the city the Assyrian people attack by night and Elija lose ..the woman he loved ..everying around him Elija decide to leave his god ..but because of its courage ..and his strong faith he could understand what really god wanted to teach him through this test and he will keep going on his way Paulo chose the topic of pain that can a human have despite all the good things he does to his god and to other humans and he gave the solution the spirituality is always present in paulo coelho novels the mixture of the reality as i said before i think that the book is interseting and the story is beneficial i recommende .. okey there is a mistake in the title i bought it like that’s not my fault

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