Freedom Writers – The showdown

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  1. The African American kid should've responded to the Hispanic/Latino kid, or Mexican kid, who drew the picture of the African American kid having big lips. He should've responded by drawing a picture of the Hispanic, Latino, or Mexican kid with a sombrero on his head eating a burrito and acting stupid.

  2. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. When I die, I will get respect. You were in a gang. You didn't leaave an impact on the world.

  3. I think what Eva meant is she hates people in authority (teachers, cops, etc), but most/all of them just HAPPENED to be white.

  4. I love how the kid's skewed outlook on the world is what resonates with half the comments on here yet noone seems to comment on the teacher's final remarks. Just goes to show that victimhood mentality and racist tribalism is still alive in today's youth. How sad.

  5. So this movie is inspired by a true story based on a true story which that story was inspired by a true story based on a true story. What a movie.

  6. 'You're dead…And nobody, NOBODY is gonna remember you because all you left behind in this world IS THIS.' Highlight the 'you're dead' and 'is this' part, states the best message!

  7. “TheY shOT hiM cAuSE hEs bLack” well maybe he shouldnt have touched his mf pocket duh ! Acting like white people have never been killed by cops for also reaching for things in their car or resisting arrest lmao. I really hope the movie isnt trying to push this “wypipo suck and black people are oppressed” narrative cause I will deadass walk out the classroom when the teacher is showing it lmao

  8. My favourite thing about this movie is the ending when they all hug her and thank her for not giving up on them, no matter what she kept on pushing them she kept on giving them love that they needed that nobody else did! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. "So when you're dead, you'll get respect? You know what's gonna happen when you die? You're gonna rot in the ground, and people, are gonna go on living, and they're gonna forget all about you. And when you rot, do you think it's gonna matter whether you were an original gangster? You're dead. And nobody, nobody is gonna wanna remember you because all you left behind in this world is THIS"

  10. "You're dead. And people are going to go on and forget about you because all you left behind was this." Damn… that hit me pretty hard

  11. How do you expect for people to remember you when all you left was stuff like guns that kills people, pictures of a particular race just for laughs? This is why human being are stubborn, unintelligent creatures that have a mind of their own, but tends to use someone else's view as a copout to hurt others.

  12. And watching this also let's me know that the next generation are just wanting to be loved where the lack!!! There hungry for truth, and reality… Not lies

  13. And when you rot in the ground… Do you think it's going to matter if you were an original gangster???? Nobody is gonna want to remember you if all you left behind is this!!!!!!!!

  14. I love this movie 🎥 it so true like a lot is still happening in America even to this day I still watch it and I love it 😍 great acting

  15. I absolutely love this movie. Only watched it recently in a philosophy and ethics lesson and honestly it gave me a whole new perspective

  16. I remember when I saw this movie in school when I was 15 years old. There were only two teachers in the room and they were both crying and hugging each other. It didn't even get me.

  17. Oh please…I’m a minority and a woman but I’m not going to view myself as a victim and think the world owes me because I’m not white. Success is what you make of it. We do have control of our own destiny. This thing about, “Oh…poor me I’m a minority…” is getting old.

  18. I really want to watch this movie! Someone please direct me to where I can find this. It looks wonderful

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