Freedom Writers 2007 Behind the Scenes

36 thoughts on “Freedom Writers 2007 Behind the Scenes

  1. Um half asian and I watched this and this touched my heart cause I've gone through things like this

  2. Even though I’ve seen the movie plenty of times i chose to begin reading the book. I can honestly say their stories have changed my life.

  3. This movie really hit me hard, I hope everyone based on this movie is now living a peaceful life, full of love and everything they wanted. This will always be my most favorite movie of all time.

  4. I wonder where the actual students are now… If they succeeded in life with degrees or if any past away or went to jail cuz of street violence

  5. they filmed this high school and I was there during the time it got filmed. I remember seeing cameras.. Hamilton high school .. I think Mario Williams attended Hamilton high as well and also omarion but he is not in the movie

  6. this is such a powerful movie, that makes you stop and realize that people are still going through these hardships every day. this movie makes you want to do the right thing.that'ss what I loved about this movie.

  7. This movie changed my life drastically. Made me feel like there are people that care. People like Erin make a difference in the world and I wanted to be part of that. I watched this movie when i was in 8th grade living in Oakland, California. I am now 22 years with a B.A. and in a teaching credential program, planning a lesson to teach tomorrow.

  8.!!!! I’ve never seen such a great cast. Every character was played perfectly just like real life

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