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hey there's writers and mutators here I am coming at you live from London so I'm sorry those of you in the States either you're an insomniac or you're up super super early today I want to talk to you about free publishing advice so there's a lot of advice out there and there are many people looking for free advice on how do I write a book how do I publish a book what's the best way to publish how do I get my book published all of that and there are many people offering that free advice out there and you know I see this a lot where there's you know a quick Facebook live or like a YouTube video and that's all free advice right and so so people are sort of in this free advice trap why well let's take an example because you know how much I love analogies so let's suppose that you wanted a boat okay and so you come to me and you say hey I need a boat and so I walk you through how to make a boat we're gonna make a canoe and I send you home with all the directions on how to write a boat and you get home and you look at it and you're like I have no idea what a gunnel is what the heck is a sport what is this thing and you get a little bit resentful toward me because I've given you this free advice on how to build a boat but what you really wanted was to sail to Europe right so I've given you the wrong kind of boat the wrong kind of instructions I really helped you I've given you something I've given you something for free here's how to build a boat technically a canoe is a boat it's just not the boat that you needed to get you to where you wanted to go so the advice was free but it wasn't really helpful so jumping back into the publishing world I see this happen a whole lot with writers with free or low-cost advice right these writers are going to free library groups free library lectures low-cost writing workshops and conferences and that kind of thing they're getting tons and tons of advice but it has nothing to do with and what they actually want to do right so the problem with the boat example is that this person came to me said I need a boat and I just said here here's a canoe without really saying well what do you want to do with that boat where are you looking to go what are your goals how do you want to do that what's important to you do you want an open boat or a closed boat you want a sailboat or a paddle boat right those would all be really important questions about how to get from the coast of the United States to the coast of Europe in this example let's back it up and talk about publishing your goals are really really really important to how you're gonna get there and free advice isn't going to get you from point A to point B because it has nothing to do with you so you may have seen here in write to publish the Abdi with the muse and the writing Jim we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions we don't just say here's how to build a boat go build it here's how to publish a book go publish it everything that we do from the moment that you have an idea for a book to the moment that you are quite literally on national television has been customized the whole length of the way to what you want look not everybody wants to be on TV the introverts out there that made them I get a little bit ah um extroverts like me we don't mind that kind of thing there are other things that we don't like to do right so it needs to be customized to what your goals are you've probably heard me talk about before you know the the grandma who came to me and wanted just memoirs in a three-ring binder for all of her grandkids and great-grandkids very different goals from our bestseller who just sold five hundred thousand books those are really really different goals one size fits all not gonna help all of those people um so here's what you need to know about the writing Jim we want to know who you are we want to know what's important to you so that we can help you to get there um somebody once told me free advice is worth what you pay for it and I think that that's true but I think that there's another level to it and that is that free advice is actually more costly than free because what it costs you is a whole lot of frustration by having the wrong solution and really trying to like you're trying to fit that square peg into the round hole like how do I make this solution work for the thing that I'm trying to do that's really really frustrating versus here's a plan to do exactly what you want to do I would rather have the latter than the former and not only is there a lot of frustration but there's a lot of lost time right when you get this solution you're sort of like trying to implement it and then trying to tweak it and then you go to have to go do some more research to figure out you know what's the solution to this problem really really tough one there so I think with the muse and here in right to publish you've seen this happen what we do offer to you are a whole bunch of adaptable resources what do I mean by that well you're gonna see a whole lot of podcast interviews with experts people who have already published write multiple New York Times bestsellers publishers editors agents publicists people in the know talking about their experience talking about their experience they're not gonna say here's how to build a canoe they're gonna say here's how we built some canoes in the past it's been really successful so that's adaptable because you can take those nuggets so please please please take advantage when you see that I posted a video when you see that I posted a podcast episode when you see that I posted a free class a master class and interview those are helpful resources not to be overlooked the other thing that we do here and right to publish is that we believe in real results we don't want you to have to build a canoe and then rowboat and then a tugboat we want you to build the right boat the first time thanks for going with me on this very extended metaphor we really want those results for you we don't want you to feel frustrated we don't want you to waste time we want you to get from point A to point Z as fast as possible and as successfully as possible that means with as little frustration as possible because you've got the right kind of support behind you to finish that novel to publish that novel well and to augment your author platform so that you get publishing contract after publishing contract that's what we do for authors every single day we get real results we're not about handing out little tiny things one at a time that don't work it doesn't work for us we want you to be successful so you're gonna see that all over in the group if you just scroll down today I promise that you're gonna see postings about what people have been able to do through the writing Jim programs whether it's finishing a novel whether it's discovering something about themselves as a writer that they never knew before discovering strengths that they didn't even know existed whether it's a successful marketing plan or a query letter that actually works instead of those cookie cutter query letters that agents are so sick of seeing we are getting real results for people every single day and you see that in the group uh-huh and it's not by accident it's because if we take the time to get to know these authors we know them as well as we know our friends we know it's important to them and we're helping them get from point A to point B so if you are tired of being a number if you're tired of being driven like cattle with free advice and just being part of the crowd and nobody sees you if you're ready to be seen for who you are and what you bring to the world and what you have to offer and you want a unique plan to do then let's chat I'm in London this week but I've opened some time in my calendar to chat with you what we'll do is we'll get on the phone or skype if you're not in the States for about half an hour 45 minutes we'll talk about where you are where you want to go and how you can get there because we treat you as an individual we want real results for you we want the real deal for you that sounds good to you I'll throw linked into the comments you can drop yourself into my calendar and we'll get on that phone get on that Skype and chat about you and your future success happy writing

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