Frankenstein Author Carried Around Her Dead Husband’s Heart | Dark History

[music playing] [rain pattering] [fire crackling] [heart beat thumping]

100 thoughts on “Frankenstein Author Carried Around Her Dead Husband’s Heart | Dark History

  1. I wish she had been buried with the heart, honestly that would have been spectacular. She cherished that heart, why not be buried with it for all eternity?

  2. This is not to be edited like that renaissance zombies video. This is romantic and sad, a wife carries her beloved deceased love one with her as a way to have him with her at all times. This is not to be edited horrifically! TH history channel!!!

  3. I'm fascinated on how much she loved her husband but the editting was quite creepy. So the story of frankenstein was dedicated to mary's husband huh…

  4. I read a book about Mary n how c wrote Frankenstein, n also text of Frankenstein,it had many letters, in my school library when I was a child but that book wasn't as creepy as this video because this claims all to be true or I was more fearless as a child.

  5. I know it’s a little strange by saying this, but I find it oddly romantic, sad, and sweet at the same time. Someone should make a movie about this.

  6. Frankenstein was a phenomenal book but I should’ve known it takes a wacko to write a book about wackos

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