Frances Osborne On the Atmosphere of Social Change in the Novel

Before the war there was strictly divided levels of class and people did not move
from class to class and they did not mix. After the war when people afford
side by side everyone was given the vote.
Although, women have to wait till they were thirty initially. And, these class boundaries began to dissolve.
People were able to take control of their own lives more and change their lives. And, it wasn’t just social boundaries that
changed. It was gender boundaries that changed. Women before the first world war could not to vote and it’s an extraordinary thing to think
about. This was the old fashioned world where you have servants who only dared say
a few words to their employers and the women who were unable to vote. By the end of the war, women had
stepped into men’s roles, had worked so hard and showed themselves
as so capable. It became ridiculous not to give them the vote.

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