Mike first let's move on it was the Sims then minecraft and Pokemon go actually if you're my age first it was pac-man but never mind now the latest video game craze is fort nursing this has a new game called fortnight fortnight is such a phenomenon let's now talk fortnight shall we it's the newest video game craze spreading across it's free addictive violent because it has been described as gori gori gori i'd like a tasty hello sorry street everything I am a master builder toilet grenade fuck off [Applause] I don't need I don't need it yeah [Applause] hello how are you I'm under the water please help me God I got the chance [Applause] by the chopa alia chives my name is salmon that chives mine I trust money the charts mine wow thanks thank you fucking idiot oh my god you do she opened the door in the night line and I added it and took the doorway as I jumped through it any goes dead so the years and the bandages there's a large bed of it later don't you know that I'm building a launch pad come on you ready you ready all right yeah you imagine like playing on PlayStation Network just like and having to deal with the fact that your name is ex Cali Swag cjx like you just imagine having to put up with that like everybody looking at you like you have autism oh you need a boost hi I'm hand on it at the same time wait wait I want to take the screenshot three bodies nobody touch it don't touch it don't touch it don't touch it three bunnies he did the screen welcome to the main event and was it a gold as a gold scar on the top of that building that guy just grabbed it oh my god I'm gonna go for him another that's the go disco you got everyone I know I got the scar too that's what I wanted I'm gonna get that scar there's another chest Baba copy where did you where are you let's avenge our fallen Mexican Connor asshole know that you shit let's welcome to Melrose

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  1. YO WE HIT 100K!!!
    I posted phase 1 of my face reveal on my social media. Phase 2 soon™
    Come hang out with me in discord while you wait. https://discord.gg/aKPudU6

  2. Oh so just because it’s being a normal video game like all the others you’re gonna try to sue it?
    I mean youre not going to ban ROBLOX because when you die you get you’re limbs torn off?

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