Former Fertility Doc Quotes Bible Verse When Confronted By Children Conceived With His Sperm

100 thoughts on “Former Fertility Doc Quotes Bible Verse When Confronted By Children Conceived With His Sperm

  1. Why on earth would you go to that type of shady clinic anyway. Some delusional bible thumper inseminating people with not a single sperm bank for miles.. sounds like the parents fault to me.

  2. Im the product of marital rape. Neither my nor their situation is better. These men with these intentions need to be put in their place. I dont know how, though.

  3. Are the courts not forcing him to pay compensation for life for for these kids?? And jailing him. This guy is delusional . Using the bible cos hes been caught out what a coward. This evil minded man deserves severe punishment. The depths of his perverse actions and abuse he needs punished severely. ..cant undo what he's done but someone needs to get into this mans depraved mind and switch on his guilty consiunse that hes cowardly trying to hide and justify himself. Theres no way of gettn out of wot hes done. He'll meet his maker one day.

  4. What is so sad is that these poor children have to suffer under these consequences. His selfish and digusting actions will have direct impact on them – I hope they get the support they need to realise they are wonderful people that can define themselves by their own right. And it also makes me so angry that he has miused and abused religion in order to justify his disgusting behaviour.

  5. Please god, each of these kids needs to chip in and hire a hitman to firstly have a man put his sperm inside him like he did to the women, then end his life. He shouldn’t be alive.

  6. Okay, I really don't understand what he did wrong can someone please explain in plain English instead of fancy medical terms

  7. talk about a man with a god complex. his stuff was so fresh cuz he just ejaculated it!!
    disgusting man.
    you watch him, remember his name because karna will circle back around. it always does.
    I thought I had a jacked up life, but man, these poor families had the ultimate betrayal.

  8. This is sick. He took advantage of people when they were already in a low place. Can’t even imagine how the kids who were supposed to be from their fathers feel. And only a $500 fine? No jail time? That sets a terrible precedent.

  9. I know it is not easy to pick up and move. It’s stressful and expensive. However, given the circumstance I think it’s completely irresponsible for the parents affected by this, to not do everything they can to move out of Indiana. It’s a real issue that their kids could end up in an incestuous relationship . Gossip alone could impact their lives terribly. They need to move away from the community ASAP .its just not an option for their families to remain there.

  10. wow this case is making me so mad. Someone should kill this guy, now I understand why he brought a gun to the meeting with his biological children.

  11. a new creative way among many to use the Bible by a pathological narcissist. By the Way we have a big criminal case in Italy where the suspected's mother honestly think that her doctor used donors' sperm to make her pregnant without telling her anything about it. People were laughing about what she alleged, and she was also sued for defamation by the gyno daughters but during a TV show some years ago it actually emerged that it was not an uncommon practice to use donors sperm to facilitate the pregnancy. I was like "wtf?"

  12. So let me get this right.. He gave these women children but they didn't want the children?? Did he rape them? Or is the world having a double standard… Again 🙄

  13. Oh come on. Yes, that man is mentally disturbed but if he hadn't done that, none of their children would exist. It wasn't rape. They wanted donated sperm and that's what they received.

  14. As someone with a father well-known for sleeping around and vaguely knowing I have at least between 7 and 12 half-siblings dotted around the UK (and having cousins I've never met in the US) I feel this anxiety deeply, deeply. I have nothing but sympathy and understanding for them.

  15. I feel for these kids! I’m in tears right now. I hope all those kids know they are beautiful and so worthy of love. How can someone do this?!?! SICK!!!

  16. He gave his own sperm rather than a strangers sperm…he was healthy, young, 6ft tall intelligent, no physical deformities plus it was warm sperm.and none of the donees was related to him. What exactly was his mistake

  17. Oh no, some of the women were supposed to be impregnated with their own husband's sperm? That's even worse than those who were looking for a donor! (which was already really bad)

  18. How did this happen so many times? I mean, this is unconscionable. I'm so sorry for everyone who went through this.

  19. God bless this doctor. He did the right thing despite that these ungrateful women say! They should be grateful that he did this.

  20. sure would be a lot less people in the world if people who werent able to have kids accepted that and moved on instead of getting sperm donors

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