Forget Mueller, Congress Needs to Interview the Real Author of the ‘Weissmann Report’

Robert Mueller’s confused, garbled testimony
made it abundantly clear that he was nothing more than a figurehead for the Special Counsel
investigation that he ostensibly led for 22 painstaking months. The real mastermind behind this travesty of
an investigation was Mueller’s second-in-command, Andrew Weissmann, and it’s time that he
be held to account. First, there are deeply vexing questions that
remain to be answered about the Russia collusion scandal—and the American people deserve
to know exactly what went on during this witch hunt. For instance, when, precisely, did the investigation
start? Why did the special counsel staff his team
with lifelong Democrats who held a clear bias against President Trump? Why did Mueller’s team rely on unsubstantiated,
partisan opposition research to justify spying on members of the Trump Campaign? Although Mueller was constrained by the Justice
Department from discussing matters beyond the content of his report, he wouldn’t have
been able to answer any of these questions even if he had been given free rein. Throughout his testimony, Mueller demonstrated
an appalling lack of knowledge about even some of the most basic details of his own
work, even contradicting the language of his report at times. Even the liberal media took notice of Mueller’s
obvious confusion and lack of knowledge about the Russia investigation, with some calling
his testimony a “disaster” for the Democrats. Politico counted 30 instances in which the
former special counsel had to ask lawmakers to repeat their questions, and another 99
occasions when he said that he “can’t” or “won’t” answer a particular question. Many observers have long suspected that Mueller
didn’t write his own report on Russian election interference, and now we know that he didn’t
bother to read it, either. The Democrats will be eager to move on from
this embarrassing episode, but Republicans shouldn’t be so quick to let Mueller and
his team of rabidly anti-Trump operatives off the hook. If the former special counsel was merely a
figurehead of the Russia investigation, the implication is that he let his second-in-command
run the show from the very beginning. Andrew Weissmann, a Hillary Clinton supporter
in 2016, has a long record of prosecutorial abuse that would go a long way toward explaining
the excesses and prosecutorial overreach that characterized this witch hunt and made it
one of the most notorious federal investigations in history. Senator Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate
Judiciary Committee, should subpoena Andrew Weissmann to get the answers that his befuddled
boss couldn’t provide and hold him accountable for the many improprieties that destroyed
the integrity of the entire Russia investigation. For years, the Democrats defended the collusion
probe by pointing out that Mueller is a lifelong Republican—but the same can’t be said
of Weissmann, who was a guest at Hillary Clinton’s Election Night party. The only thing Robert Mueller’s testimony
revealed is that he was never truly in charge of the special counsel investigation. If the American people are ever going to learn
the truth, Senate Republicans are going to have to painstakingly extract it from the
man who really ran the show—Andrew Weissmann. Thank you very much for joining me on this
episode of Declassified, I do trust you've enjoyed it. Please be sure to hit subscribe and "notifications"
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34 thoughts on “Forget Mueller, Congress Needs to Interview the Real Author of the ‘Weissmann Report’

  1. The sheer incompetence of Robert Mueller and by extension the entire top end of the department of justice, is embarrassing to say the least, and disgusting at best.
    Congress needs to drag Weissman’s sneaky duplicitous fanny to a public forum where he can be grilled incessantly until we have all the answers we need.

  2. What a waste of humanity and money. Are we gonna let them get away with it ? When all those scumbags stay on the government tit for decades greed gets the best of em It’s time for term limits and every politician and family member of politicians should have their financial records investigated

  3. The Mueller investigators were conflicted from the beginning. They were selective in who they interviewed about Russian conspiracy. They were selective in who they charged with lying. They invented the unable to exonerate motif. They reinvented an OLC guidance principle. They lied about their motive to not decide whether or not Mr. Trump obstructed justice. It seems clear that the Mueller investigators were partisan officials, and they need to be held accountable for their injustices. Remember what the diminutive Jerrold Napoleon Complex Nadler said : No one is above the law.

  4. Sorry, Congress can't indict or prosecute. Barr needs to strap Weissmann in a chair and start asking questions.

  5. The first plan by the House for the 17th of July had two public hearings with Mueller and a private session with Weissman after. This was changed. The Dems are aware of the bias of the report and participated in its making. HRC is probably behind this report and we know of the investigation.

  6. Muller was given an opportunity to tell the American people that this whole investigation was A scam. Instead hes gonna go down in history as the biggest puppet head for the Democrat party and a total failure.

  7. The Democrats ruined Bob Mueller by making him testify.I think many people knew that he wasn't in the the right frame of mind but they made him do it anyway.I think Bill Barr knew this and tried to intervene as they have been friends for years.Shame on Democrats for ruining another man's reputation.

  8. I predict huge problems if the heads of the real culprits don’t roll for the obvious actual collusion. Mueller’s one and only agenda during this farce was to protect the real criminals. Read about who/what AndrewWeissman is. He is the epitome of the protected class. Aka swamp.

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  10. Mule Face was a D..bF..I who was used n went along with the Swampy DEMONcRATs. Man does not even know what was in Report cuz he ONLY signs it. DF!!!! Might as well plead the 5th. Lmao ….. mf mule face has Dementia. What a waste of taxpayers' $$$$$$

  11. Mueller was NOT a life long Republican, he was a lap dog who served his masters well!!! The Bush family is part of the Democrat owned Deep State agenda toward a New World Order, so anyone serving the Bush family can't be automatically thought of as a Republican. John McCain is a great example of this since he was a Communist and Democrat Deep State plant, but never a Republican. Great report, DECLASSIFIED!!!

  12. Kudos to your reportage… excellent coverage. I love the accent of this beautiful, professional reporter and delivery.

  13. These people need jailed for the TOTAL ABUSE OF POWER! President Trump's constitutional rights were violated! A coup on a sitting President is TREASON! This whole witch hunt hoax was paid for by a corrupt Hillary Clinton and the wonderful DNC! Weisman needs put under oath and brought to justice! We the people! 🇺🇸🇺🇸


  15. Why don't you put a big fat picture of Andrew Weissmann up across the heading "Mueller Report" so the whole world can get acquainted with who misused 40 million dollars?

    ~ New News Protégés

  16. Lindsey Graham has been talking big that he was going to get to the bottom of this. Let us see if he is just All Talk and no action. These treasonous thugs almost destroyed our country and have destroyed the rule of law and the reputation of the DOJ and FBI

  17. I disagree this time. Weissmann is extremely capable and he will provide the talking points that Mueller failed to give and that the Dems were looking for…Let Barr bring the clarification now…

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