Forget Mueller, Congress Needs to Interview the Real Author of the ‘Weissmann Report’

Robert Mueller’s confused, garbled testimony
made it abundantly clear that he was nothing more than a figurehead for the Special Counsel
investigation that he ostensibly led for 22 painstaking months. The real mastermind behind this travesty of
an investigation was Mueller’s second-in-command, Andrew Weissmann, and it’s time that he
be held to account. First, there are deeply vexing questions that
remain to be answered about the Russia collusion scandal—and the American people deserve
to know exactly what went on during this witch hunt. For instance, when, precisely, did the investigation
start? Why did the special counsel staff his team
with lifelong Democrats who held a clear bias against President Trump? Why did Mueller’s team rely on unsubstantiated,
partisan opposition research to justify spying on members of the Trump Campaign? Although Mueller was constrained by the Justice
Department from discussing matters beyond the content of his report, he wouldn’t have
been able to answer any of these questions even if he had been given free rein. Throughout his testimony, Mueller demonstrated
an appalling lack of knowledge about even some of the most basic details of his own
work, even contradicting the language of his report at times. Even the liberal media took notice of Mueller’s
obvious confusion and lack of knowledge about the Russia investigation, with some calling
his testimony a “disaster” for the Democrats. Politico counted 30 instances in which the
former special counsel had to ask lawmakers to repeat their questions, and another 99
occasions when he said that he “can’t” or “won’t” answer a particular question. Many observers have long suspected that Mueller
didn’t write his own report on Russian election interference, and now we know that he didn’t
bother to read it, either. The Democrats will be eager to move on from
this embarrassing episode, but Republicans shouldn’t be so quick to let Mueller and
his team of rabidly anti-Trump operatives off the hook. If the former special counsel was merely a
figurehead of the Russia investigation, the implication is that he let his second-in-command
run the show from the very beginning. Andrew Weissmann, a Hillary Clinton supporter
in 2016, has a long record of prosecutorial abuse that would go a long way toward explaining
the excesses and prosecutorial overreach that characterized this witch hunt and made it
one of the most notorious federal investigations in history. Senator Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate
Judiciary Committee, should subpoena Andrew Weissmann to get the answers that his befuddled
boss couldn’t provide and hold him accountable for the many improprieties that destroyed
the integrity of the entire Russia investigation. For years, the Democrats defended the collusion
probe by pointing out that Mueller is a lifelong Republican—but the same can’t be said
of Weissmann, who was a guest at Hillary Clinton’s Election Night party. The only thing Robert Mueller’s testimony
revealed is that he was never truly in charge of the special counsel investigation. If the American people are ever going to learn
the truth, Senate Republicans are going to have to painstakingly extract it from the
man who really ran the show—Andrew Weissmann. Thank you very much for joining me on this
episode of Declassified, I do trust you’ve enjoyed it. Please be sure to hit subscribe and “notifications”
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100 thoughts on “Forget Mueller, Congress Needs to Interview the Real Author of the ‘Weissmann Report’

  1. Draining the swamp was NOT going to be easy until the Dems got caught "Red (Russian) Handed." Thank you, Mueller! Arrest them all all the way to the TOP!

  2. They were using Mueller to cover for Weissmann to do his evil. What a evil man that man is. He should get the death penalty.

  3. What else would you expect from the report that had all Socialist Democrats writing it that were biased!!

  4. Please stop spreading the narrative that Mueller did not know what was going on. He is trying to distance himself from the treason that has taken place. This is a work, he has the Sicilian flu.

  5. Mueller could answer to all Democrats questions, why couldn't he answer the Republican's question??? He is an Old Evil Fake.

  6. Time for the military to step in and arrest these badd actors. Mueller you are a disgrace, your team should be in GITMO!

  7. Mueller wasn't in charge, Mueller didn't write the report, Mueller didn't read the report, BUT…I still got paid an enormous amount of taxpayer $$. TYPICAL.

  8. From the beginning it was obvious that the DNC organized a kangaroo investigation with the team all Hillary supporters.

  9. We still have to wait for justice! Years from now a couple no names will get their 1year in fed prison better than what we the people would get. Can only pray for 2020 then lose the midterms again!! :-((

  10. More fraud from our unelected employees in government. When will we be compensated for all the pay we gave them for this abuse of their duties and fraudulent investigation and results? How long must the American people be forced to fund this nightmare that our staff created and that makes us less safe and less prosperous every day? I think it will go on for as long as we agree to fund it.

  11. ~2:52 re: Lindsey Graham should subpoena … Hear-Hear! … Thank You Epoch – for all of your insightful points! … (and for the subpoena suggestion – for those not so familiar w/the system – such as myself)

  12. if it wasn't sooo sad.. its really funny.. your comment that " Americans need to know ?? " the SAD part is ?? MOST Americans don't even know about it …. they NEED to know before they demand to know.. of course demand is a joke as it is… people will never demand it…. although they should… oh yeah, forgot my manners… you are stunningly beautiful today….

  13. The House Democrats are unlikely to call Weissman. They wouldn't want him questioned by Jordan, et al. So it is up to Lindsey Graham, as you so neatly recognized. I would expect he would be delighted to see Weissman under oath.

  14. why I hate politics: blab blab blab.Nothing happens! If nothing happens to criminal Omar,then nothing will happen here.Prison time is awaiting,we hope

  15. Hey Gina, you and your team are fantastic, spot on. I thought the Democrats were a mess, and they are, but poor Mr Muellar, on drugs or dementia, not sure but, was a hero…until he took this case on(maybe even before), but it's time for Wessalman, I mean Weissmann to come out from hiding!!!

  16. is there someone who knows what deal Obama and Hillary did with Putin people with no no but they would sleep tonight you could look up "Operation Freedom" july 29 = Mary Fanning & Alan Jones = one of the last shows you wouldn't be able to sleep


  18. There are two major parties now: Deep State and Patriots, and it doesn't matter who is registered Republican or Democrat

  19. Surrounded By Angels – A song by M Fitzgerald (click on link to listen)

  20. Weissman will claim Sovereign Immunity and try to run out the clock. The DOJ will protect him, their careers are more important than integrity or patriotism to them. Look for claims of antisemitism when the last ditch is being defended, Mueller and Comey being stalwart WASPs and also claiming Sovereign Immunity.

  21. Patriotic Americans get prepared for the three B's, Bombs, Bullets and Bayonets. The Bolsheviks are coming.

  22. You are perfectly correct. Mueller did not write the report. He gave his name to the document, but it was Weissmann and his team that actually wrote it.

    Mueller didn't even understand the ramifications or legalities of the report and that it was never his job to exonerate the President, only to find out if there was collusion. When they found out that there was none, the investigation should have stopped. However, Mueller's shame is that he allowed Weissmann to continue to hound the President in the hope of eliciting some form of obstruction that they could use against him. Even when there was no legitimate obstruction, they then tried to tarnish the reputation of the President by insisting that they could not prosecute because of the OLC guidelines, when they knew full well that ex-President Clinton agreed a guilty plea bargain for perjury and obstruction whilst still in office.

    He should be ashamed of himself as he has tarnished the reputation and motto of the Marine Corps in which he served
    – Semper Fi.

  23. Investigate the Special Council’s team. Mueller sold his "good" name to be used as cover. Strzok/Page text messages show they thought there was no there-there would join Mueller team to promote impeachment. They joined and worked with Trump hater Weinstein to set up the Special Council 'investigation'. This was the 'insurance policy'. They loaded it up with more Trump-haters to set up an impeachment case. The 'not exonerated' statement was proof, along with the weak potential charges outlined. The press conference was written by this corrupt group that added confusion with ‘we can’t indict a sitting president’ (Office of Legal Council).. See if there were any ‘investigators’ that requested to be removed from the ‘team’.

  24. The truth never looked so nice.
    Integrity is a misnomer and a contradiction in the premise that this extremely expensive fiasco had any intention of getting to the truth in any respect. Integrity of the Mueller report is a contradiction in terms.
    We keep seeing the ‘fall’ guys, what about the ‘ringleader ‘?

  25. No more interviews or addresses to Congress. Let it die…its a terminal issue.
    No collusion! Stop reporting on it and giving it attention.

  26. We need a serious look into Dem ties to the communist party inside the US!  Look at earlier reports of known ties and even running on the Dem ticket!  There is a Russian tie but that ties is inside the Democratic Party!  Drain the swamp!

  27. Weisman left the Probe shortly before the Report dropped because he wanted to spend more time with his family. Probably doesn't have time to answer questions at a hearing..

  28. One of the biggest tells of all of this is looking back….
    TRUMP was a Democrat
    TRUMP gave large donations to democrats
    TRUMP left took his MONEY with him
    TRUMP spanked Hillary at every debate.
    TRUMP spanked her at the election
    Hillary knew that TRUMP was the better… "MAN" from the start
    No questions necessary

  29. I had an inkling Mueller affixed his signature in the right place,but had not to do with writing his own report.And in my purview you look wonderful.Once again the Epoch Times tells the truth!!!

  30. The ONLY person in America who actually learned volumes about the Mueller Report on Wednesday … was Robert Mueller (T. Gowdy)

  31. Where is the accounting of the special counsel? How much did each member of the S. C. get paid in total? Where and in what increments did their investigative budget get spent? 35 million dollars WE shelled out needs to be accounted for. To. The. Penny.

  32. In short, Mueller is used for laundering the dirty Russian Collusion Report. Dirty money laundering is a crime. Why is dirty Russian Collusion Report not a crime?

  33. Seems even The Epoch Times is spouting the ossibly false narrative that poor old stumbling, mumbling, senile Mueller couldn't have written his own report! Isn't it possible Mueller was feigning ignorance, bewilderment and confusion in order to provide himself with a defense if he is charged in taking part in the attempted coup of the President?

  34. Perhaps Mueller was used and he knew it, perhaps the hearing was his way to pay them back for using him the way they did.

  35. Nancy Pelosi is running out the clock on impeachment after the embarrassing hearing where the only person who learned about the Mueller Report was Mueller himself !!! LOL !!!

  36. All the questions to repeat questions were to stall, run the clock out on the questioner. He chose anti Trumpers becasue HE is one and they wanted to take Trump out

  37. DNC 'hack' HOAX created by killary's hired Russian SPY CROWDSTRIKE INITIATED IMMEDIATELY after Podesta's e-mails revealed the assasination plots against Seth Rich and our beloved Justice Scalia. these patriots did not die in vain. Tarmac meeting promised SCOTUS seat to Lynch, but Scalia had to be 'wet worked' first. Julian Assange (political prisoner ) jailed for publishing the Truth! We the People DEMAND justice for Judge Scalia, Seth Rich, Julian Assange

  38. I can't help being furious at the feckless Jeff Session who is at the bottom of this entire mess. Session is truly a deep state swamp rat. He was just too stupid to know it…..

  39. Right wingers spreading more disinformation to simple uneducated trumpists. 10 counts of obstruction. Trump can be indicted when he leaves office. He's already implicated in one felony named as individual number one. You trolls can spin it however you want but it doesn't change the fact that you defend a criminal. He's lucky he isn't in prison for creating a fake university to scam money from the same people he's scamming now, his supporters


  41. That shiateshow was a bit much. I hope Barr and the IG and digging and digging deep.The whole investigation really has amounted to sedition…

  42. I think Mueller was playing dumb to protect himself from future incrimination. He understands how to work the court system. (If you don't say nothing then they don't know nothing.) It's better to look stupid now then get caught up Underoath and go to prison

  43. Mueller Was USED By The Liberal Dem/Deep State ! Andrew Weissman Was The Corrupt BIAS Lead Investigator/ Writer And SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED ! President. Trump Was Correct …… This Was A Illegal/Bias/ Political Hit Job/ Hoax From The Beginning ! A Treasonous DEM/ Deep State Coup To Remove An Elected President ! These TRAITORS SHOULD ALREADY BE IN PRISON !!! Along With Hillary And Obama , Who Surely Headed This Plot Along With Many Obama's Govt. Officials, FBI, DOJ And CIA !! TRAITORS= PRISON= HANGING !!

  44. Anyone ever notice how seriously hot and attractive HAPPY conservative women are and at how miserable, Bitter and unattractive & un happy Feminazi's are. Yup.

  45. Taking bets now that Andrew Weismann will exit the country before Dan Coats leaves ODNI on the 15th of August.

  46. Fear not people no one ever goes to jail over such thinhs.They always seem to fade into the background once all the hoopla goes away.Your system of civil powers is run by the dragon or as you know him the DEVIL> Not to worry Jesus will rid all of the universe of sin soon and once and for all.No one escapes the judgement no one.They think they do but they will pay.

  47. Sorry but I strongly disagree with your assessment this time! Andrew Weismann is nothing more than a Political Assassin! Robert Mueller hired him. Robert Mueller was in Charge & is therefore 100% Responsible for the Report & its content. Why should Congress get yet another “do over” by trying to interfere STAFF? We don’t rely on staff of an investigation, we rely on the MAN who spent 3 years overseeing this mess & authorized 30Mill + to be spent on this travesty! If anyone should be hauled off to Congress about this report…should be Rod Rosenstein!

  48. Trump is a pathological liar. It's not sensible to believe anything he says, including regurgitating his memes.


  50. Mueller is an American Patriot who served this country… King Con is just that, An entitled corrupt demagogue that will leave an everlasting stain on the United States.

  51. I maintain he was purposely feigning age and acumen (common legal strategy, [see Dr Ford's filthy specs, greased hair, oiled skin, but varied haughty/victim layout]). In btwn sessions, a brief vid (now pulled) showed him smugly smiling and verily gushing a la Strzok over his faux con).

  52. Why didn't the news media report that Mueller was staying at the Happy Acres retirement home on an island off the coast of South America when he was in charge of writing this so-called report? Nail A.W.

  53. Washington 2 step…
    no one name Hillary going to jail…
    Not even little comey..

    Don’t waste my motherfucking Time !
    No one going to jail, then hang..
    Reelect 45

  54. No one off the hook every-one who committed a crime needs to pay for what they have done .their are to many traitors.

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