For Honor: New Executions | Week 04/18/2019 | Weekly Content Update | Ubisoft [NA]

32 thoughts on “For Honor: New Executions | Week 04/18/2019 | Weekly Content Update | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. imagine a "for honor" version of GoT. But instead of choosing one of the three factions with their own unique skillset wich is:
    Knights vs Vikings vs Samurai you'd have Starks vs Lannisters vs Targaryens instead.

  2. Centurion : more punch
    Peacekeeper: more kick
    Valkyrie: more throw
    Gladiator: more TOEE…..

    congrats…. 😀

  3. Hay Ubisoft if you guys ever do for honor 2 you should make it like you guys where gonna make the first one if you don't know what I'm on about look up this
    .what for honor was gonna look like. There you go😀👍

  4. Y'all need to add a report system like you did siege. This game is full of griefers and blatant cheaters , and I genuinely find it difficult to enjoy the game at all anymore.

  5. Let’s all take a moment for Ubi making R6 and FH and Division,Wildlands and all other games and making always weekly and monthly content!And perfect trailers!

  6. Well, no more enemy voices line. It's kind of bad and wrong, but Ubisoft has planned to banned their enemies voices lines and then they put original and legendary voice to each ones of another. Now that's was hear to like it!

  7. 3:28
    We were all arguing about whether katanas can cut through plate armor and this madlad over here just punched through it

  8. I have to say that their executions improved A LOT! Needless to say because last season's executions were just absolutely pathetic

  9. 2:11 – 3:03 troops from the 2nd division of the Japanese Kwantung Army demolish soldiers from the Chinese Heilungkiang defense forces during the conquest of Manchuria (1932 Colorized)

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