For Cal couple, Library love story is one for the books

Start the game! So the game begins. I’m gonna take turns asking questions about each of you. For every question you will both write down answers. For example, if I ask Peter what’s his favorite color? He will write down what his favorite color is and you will write down what you think his favorite color is. Jane: I can see his answers. Well just, don’t look. Peter: Don’t cheat! Where did you first meet? Be as specific as you can be. So you guys both wrote down your answers. Yes OK, reveal them when I count to three. One… two… three! What did you say, Peter? Doe library, the porch of the reading room. Well, the balcony of Doe. Yeah, like a … right. Like right outside, I called it a balcony. It’s the porch. Yeah I call it a porch. It’s right over there. It’s the same place! OK, same place. [Peter] Yeah [Jane] Yes! OK, you guys know that. Good. That’s good. This was the day we met. Everyone in the library used to mark your own books because people wouldn’t steal them, but you want to know your books. And so you’d have your name on the books. And so when she had disappeared … (He told me later that day.) I would go, I went to her books and I saw her name and then wrote it down in my book … on my sheet. And then that day he went outside, I went outside what I call the balcony, he calls the porch, and I was just standing there looking at the Campanile, thinking which some boy would ever ask me out, and all of a sudden this cutie comes walking out. And we just started talking, you know, like, about nothing, and we became friends. Right, Pete? This question is for Peter. Where was your first date? OK. Together. Oh, I know that. Oh … Where’s that? Dunes Beach. It’s down … It’s down on … on the ocean. And it’s like, Half Moon Bay. People used to have a lot of beach parties down there. That’s it, we went to a beach party, a rally cum beach party. And we walked and then we ate hot dogs and we sat around a campfire and we kissed for the … he kissed me for the first time in front of all his friends at the campfire. Oh, yes! But it was dark! In those days it was … Only firelight. Jane: You guys are both attorneys? Yes. So if you were not an attorney what would you have done instead? Oh OK, that’s easy. Librarian. Did you put… I put librarian. Librarian … because I love to read. The next question goes to … Peter. Of the two of you who is the best cook? Who is the best at cooking? I already know the answer to that one. I would say … No, you’re supposed to write it, Peter. not supposed to say… alright, alright What did you say? I said neither. Then I said me. Me. It’s Peter. You are better than I am. I’m a better cook, but barely. You don’t cook often. We don’t cook … I hate cooking. She hates cooking. That’s why I’m eating ice cream for dinner! Jane, um … What is your biggest pet peeve? And then Peter, what do you think Jane’s biggest pet peeve is? What did you say? Oh. Peter what did you say? I said not turning off lights. That’s to you specific and I wrote people who are late, and then I said Peter chewing gum with his mouth open. And I could go on. How much paper do we have? How much longer will you be married? What did you say? Forever. Forever. Forever.

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