For Authors: 5 Tips for Self-Publishing a Book

11 thoughts on “For Authors: 5 Tips for Self-Publishing a Book

  1. Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals self-publish non-fiction books that grow their business. You own 100% of the content, have total creative control, and keep all the royalties. Our publishing team is YOUR publishing team.

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    Watch here more videos on selling books on Amazon:

  2. Hi, thanks for the vids – great content. Do you have a video where you go over tips for developing a marketing strategy while you're writing your book?

  3. Hi there. Thx for the vids. So if you self publish or publish through a other source can you still sell on Amazon?

  4. Hello Julie! Thanks this video was really great information. Is there a way I can set up an consultation with you. I have a few detailed questions.

  5. Hi Julie! Great video!
    I am ready to self-publish my children ebook on Amazon Kindle. I am about to create my KDP account and could you please further explain what tax information Amazon requires me to submit? Is it my SIN, or do I need to apply for an EIN and fill out an W8-BEN form? Many thanks for your useful information.

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