Flo for Spring XD: Content Assist and Validation

this is a quick video on flow / spring XD we're going to spend a bit of time looking at the text input box and the text input box is kept in step with the graphical view so if you build it using drag-and-drop then the text box updates to reflect that and if you edit in the text box the graphics view updates so I can type into my our time log you'll see the graphics updates immediately if I dated this guy this guy with a play but if you're starting from nothing what you can do is just control space bring up on the list and you'll see you get the full list of sources you might want to use to start your stream with i'm going to h and you'll see its sub selects design there's only one completion now let's HUP press enter to select it I can then press content assist again and it says what you want to pipe that into so I'm going to pipe that into transform or inside pipe couch myself as for completions as lot so let's subselect that down to filter finally there's only one that begins with L I think so that completes immediately log I've got a valid stream if I wanted to have options I can bring up content assist and you'll see it's showing the options available here that's supported by HTTP not choose port give it a value we're all good again but what happens if I start make mistakes so why you say put X there you'll see it's an invalid element HTTP eggs don't only talking about so you get that immediate validation feedback about whether what you're doing is correct similarly if I specify an option that doesn't exist on HTTP because we saw the full set that do exist port 2 isn't one of them till we get immediate validation and feedback that's a mistake too so that's a quick look at cuantas assist and validation when you're entering stream data in the text box thanks for watching you

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