come on mama look upon us welcome back to the channel so today we are going to do a little bit of an informational video I am going to show you guys how to fix broken and missing meshes when it comes to CC as well as find the CC that you were using on a particular sim and how to actually find the link to it on the interwebs SuperDuper easy quick and efficiently now for a lot of you this is old news you know how to do this but for you know some of my new comers when it comes to the CC game or just the game in general this should be really helpful I have done this in the past but I feel like things have changed since then and this method is a lot easier so if you ever come across um after a particularly you know large or small shopping haul and your sim looks like a test car crash dummy well it's cute isn't it but that is probably because you have it in compatible mesh or a mesh missing so for this instance we have this item here which I have no idea what it is but we will be able to find out what it is in just a moment so the second thing you may be experiencing is the headless horse syndrome but like more like the missing body syndrome now again this is probably a missing mesh or maybe there is some incompatibility there again mne times out of ten it is a missing mesh that is conflicting with the disappearing action that your sim is currently experienced so you need to do to find the missing and broken pieces of CC is used a completely CC free sim I am using a Babs in the mode from the gallery she's in everybody's gallery he just opened it up and scroll to the very bottom and she will be their reason for this is because I don't want like a random generated sim in game to have any other CC attached to her making me finding the pieces that I need to find the meshes for a little more difficult so once you've got your sim and you've tacked on any additional missing or corrupted pieces you're gonna go and hit the save household button just to make you know finding things a little bit easier we're gonna call this one broken CC and we're gonna save her as a single I said if you're looking for something that you've used for instance I'm gonna go into my folder and I'm gonna show you guys my sim here miss Mackenzie we're gonna just go murder that right here but we're gonna yeah no we're gonna replace her and I say I wanted to like find this hair or I wanted to find this blouse that I'm using skirt and so forth and I wanted to like link it to a blog or a website or something like that you're gonna save that particular sim and all of her coordinating CC just as you would save any other household in the program that we're about to use in just a second will make it really easily findable if that makes any sense so let's go ahead and move on oh right so here we are inside the sims 4 tray importer I do believe this is the latest version available but I'm really bad when it comes to updating these things so chances are it's probably not well be sure to link the updated newest version in the description down below for you guys and in case you are wondering yes this is a hundred and twenty-two percent free to download in a complete essential when it comes to messed around with CC in the sims 4 because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it and saves you countless hours of pulling your freaking hair out when things like this arise also I was going to mention I'm going to be doing a video on like my my top favorite mods and programs and so on and so forth for the sims 4 so this is definitely on that list ok I'm gonna first show you guys how to find and fix and delete broken or missing mesh it CC items so we are going to use our Babs and here in the tab where you click on to that particular sim that you are wanting to find the CC for there's gonna be three additional tabs there's gonna be a general where it's going to basically give you basic information of your SIM and then you're gonna move on to files where this is going to kind of give you options to change your Sims gallery image all you have to do is right click in here replace that is a completely separate entity video that I do think I actually have one for and if I do I will link it down below and then this is the one that we are interested in the CC the CC portion so this is going to list everything that is CC onto your sim and you're able to find where it is located on your computer and you're able to find it on Google nine times out of ten and what I mean by that is sometimes things change the item is no longer available or perhaps you know you're just not able to find it because you don't remember what it looks like or there's just a whole bunch of things that could go wrong so for me that rings true with this particular item which is the ex Mira Mira job recolor so all that you need to do to find the item on the interwebs is hit find on Google and for me I looked I couldn't find the particular item my my best advice to you when looking for something is just go to the image sector even if you don't find the image or the item that you're looking for you can find similar items to download and replace it instead and sometimes that original mesh that you needed will be there too so for me I couldn't find it I can I can download something a little bit later but for now just to kind of like that have to do I said I think I'm just going to delete it altogether so what I'm gonna do is just hit right-click and then I'm going to hit show containing a folder this is going to take you to the exact location on to your computer in which you have installed this item so for me it is in the mods hair section which I kind of find funny and then you just hit the delete button and it is gone for good alright so in case you aren't looking to get rid of that item or whatever the situation is and instead you want to fix that broken mesh you can go and click on the item and this is going to be the Lehrer dressed recolor same thing find on Google you might have to do a little bit of digging for me it was actually pretty easy to find it was under scim pixels downloads and then you have to you have to it doesn't like take you to the exact location which is kind of annoying but you just got to do a little bit of research and voila there it is the Lehrer dress super freakin pretty and make sure you actually read the post because I almost missed it again there we go Lyra a dress recolor is gonna take me this Tim web the web shop workshop and Wow additional requirements gen required mesh here so I will do this off camera I will fix it but I can guarantee you that is your problem promise swear and if it doesn't work for whatever reason even though you've you know replace the mash or you know reinstalled it even that particular item you can just delete it all together so now that we've gotten that portion out of the way if you have any more questions when it comes to broken CC let me know in the comments but we are going to move on to linking and finding existing CC when it comes to like maybe you want to reblog something share something with a friend delete something because you don't longer use it or whatever same thing sort of applies so we're gonna go into mackenzie Skelton's CC folder and you guys can see all of this stuff that i have a linked it is crazy these little guys right here are like the default I think these are like default things that you have installed so like she has the default camomile eyes but everything else I don't believe to be default if it's blue if it's gray it's like you used a different swatch or something of it and then like the mesh it's just the gap whatever we don't really care about who really cares about the the buttons itself so like the main the main topic next to the circle so if you click on the item it'll show you what it looks like which i think is so cool so you can look out I don't want those nike air forces anymore show containing folder delete gone or you're like hey bestie where'd you get those sweet nike air forces oh I got you let me find this on Google real quick and then all that you need to do is wow it's right there Nike Air Force low F white just something boss and then there it is you can ship off the link to a friend or put it on your website pretty easy SuperDuper quick and efficient and again if you don't want it just delete it if you want to share it that's how you do it anything else anything you need to I think I need to mention no I think that's about it so I hope you guys found this video helpful if you did please let me know in the it's down below if you have any further questions for me I will hopefully be able to answer them for you if not I'm sure somebody a lot smarter in the comment section will be able to help you out so thank you guys so much for watching it don't forget to go and comment and subscribe let me know you guys think in the comments down below or the Sun does not shine and I will see you next time bye guys


  1. If i click on the cc section everything has a red dott in front and i cant search for it. It leads me to the tray folder. I didnt deleted any file, so i have no idea whats going on.

  2. So I downloaded a bunch of cc recently and for some reason a ton of clothing items in CAS are covered by these white panels in the CAS columns… to find out what they are I have to try them on my sim, but it takes forever to find what I’m looking for. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Edit: Ahh nevermind, I fixed it! If anyone is having the same problem, it’s because of the more CAS columns mod. You just have to delete it and then you’ll be fine!

  3. My sims get highlights in their hair when im playing in create a sim it is Normal but in the World it gets these weird highlights

  4. How do I fix my Cc Glitch, I have Rectangles of Light everywhere on my Sim and it only shows up on Live Gameplay?

  5. So I went on a cc shopping spree and now my game is glitching idk if it’s because I have a virus in my game or what but idk

  6. Omg you save my life I was having problems earlier the question mark can’t go away after I kept looking which outfit it is . Thank you 💜💜💜😘😘😘

  7. I know this is nothing about the video but I would have my mods like slice of life and then I would go to my game and it wouldn't be there

  8. So whenever I'm in manage worlds and click on a household to play, it'll load like normal before it pops up with 'error code 122:502fc384:36e736f9'. I looked it up on the Sims Forum and it said something about either broken cc or outdated cc, but I'm not sure how to find the said cc. Did/Does anyone else have this problem and what did you do to fix it?

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