Fivio Foreign “Big Drip” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I was Big Drip. I had lit bitches, they all wanted to suck
on a nice lit dick. And then we went viral. That’s all the bitches really wanna do. They just wanna suck on a nice lit dick. Every nigga think he got
a nice lit dick so, whatever. Most of my beats is AXL Beats. So after a while, I started
getting a connection with them. The sound that beats he make,
is the sound I learned, it’s called Grime or something like that. It’s a sound from UK that they already do but we just putting a New York way, a New York way to it and
then we made it viral. The song was hot right? When I went to Cali, and then I was doing clubs out there, like I went out to Cali for like a week. When I saw the people going crazy in Cali and then the people in New York saw that, ’cause I recorded it and
I did like a little vlog, from there, it was just… I fall in love mad fast. Like, first night type shit. So, if I meet you and I’m, you a lit bitch, I’m a
fall in love with you. I love you, bitch. Spin and bent, bent the block, spinned
the block, same shit. I’m just saying that I been spinned, I give a fuck who you bent
with, like I bent, I mean– Vowels made the song. Something about the ears, anything you say that’s
a vowel, people love it. So I say, aye, aye, that’s three vowels, three times, movie We went viral. Styles movie. Viral, bow. You can be on demon time anything. Like, be on demon time with the pussy, be on demon time with, I mean anything. We just gonna try and keep it positive. You gotta get a watch. When you get your watch, certified. That solidify you. Boom, rapper, movie, viral. Watch, icy, lit. See what I mean? Gotta get the watch. Story, watch is coming. Doing a movie. My enemies, your enemies. What I love, you love. What I hate, you hate. That’s how it’s supposed to go. So, if you ain’t hate what I hate, then you don’t love what I love, and I- But that’s how I was feeling. Now I’m more like, open
and half of both ways. Figis, Haitian. It’s Haitian term. Figis mean face. Figis, face shots. Sosa is crazy. Sosa He was locked up. Let me tell you what happened that day. Boom, we was in the cab to the studio. Police pulled us over, I guess Sosa had some type of warrant. Locked him up. He was fake supposed to be on his own. But the universe said otherwise. In the position where I am right now, the only thing I really got
to do is protect myself. I’m good, winning right now. I mean I aint gotta worry about nothing. Like, I just gotta protect my
wins so I’m just on defense. I’m not on offense. I’m chilling. It’s already lit. Movie, viral, bow. A baddie is like a bitch who
just know she a baddie like. You a baddie to me. Like, for me, act like a baddie, move like a baddie, be a baddie. And she tried to add me. But I was married so, I don’t be cheating so I had
to tell them like, chill. I’m not really married, like. But I’m married, like. Feel me, chill. I got a wife. Know what I mean? At home, cooking and shit. So when I told them I was
married, she wanted me more. So I was like, Damn. And she was a baddie though,
so I was like, Fuck it. You wanna chill, we gonna vibe out. You just gotta keep a secret. Tell nobody. But somehow, they don’t never listen, bro. They still tag me, bro. Especially now, no, now they listen. Now they’re like, “Alight, I don’t want
him to get mad at me.” So once I get mad it’s oh. I won’t talk to you for
the rest of your life. I’m with the bad guys. They doing bad things. But we good, bow. I think it’s going off of like how I am. I’m like a fun person so that, like it just show through the music. Like my fun, act, turn up in videos. If they watch me or
follow me, they know like, we like to party, drink,
have bitches around. It’s movies. It’s viral.

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  1. This song doesn't sound good at all.. I hope it's better with music behind it cause right now this nigga lookin hella trendy

  2. Dang so that was the secret he was talking about in that radio interview “anything that is a vowel” aye aye aye, yea ii, uuuuuu,ooooo

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