Five Questions with Composer and Musician Caroline Shaw

I'm Caroline Shaw I am a violinist and singer and composer and a native of North Carolina and I now live in New York I hope this is OK hello from a blank office in the San Francisco Conservatory ask the shift' concerts with the North Carolina Symphony I will wear two real different hats these are kind of my main hats I usually don't do them all in succession in two days time but I'll be playing a few for violin and orchestra that I have written I'll do the violin soloist through booth we threaded through the orchestra on one night and the next evening as a singer with a piece called by and by that I've written using texts from old bluegrass example ones calm chaotic citrus chocolate blue I sometimes do call it a violin concerto just because of dinner parties it's a little bit easier to say that but I prefer to call it a piece for violin and orchestra this piece feels more like them the solo part is threaded through gently at least in the beginning generally throughout the orchestra it comes in and out and and plays around rather than something that it's servicer tough as this beast and solo instrument prickly warm honest yellow the lyrics are all lyrics from old bluegrass and gospel songs in I'll fly away is one of them will there be any stars in my crown and angel band it takes us very good with songs which are usually pretty you know upbeat like some by longing when this life is over I finally really a feat really rhythmic in the pocket but just kind of liquifies the Harmony a little bit liquefies the melody and tries to get at the essence of the text it is such an honor to get to play with the symphony for the North Carolina Symphony to play my music here at the ship's Festival at the Kennedy Center I am so excited and so thrilled and I can't wait to be a part of it

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