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I was 19 when I decided to become a writer now I'm 23 no book hey guys what's up this is Manish man when you are watching my channel meeting is one of the favorite thing that I love to do in the life time because for me reading is just like learning new things so it can be anything like fiction nonfiction or self self or motivation so in this period of four years I've read many books and in this video I'm going to share five most read novels for the beginners and for the beginners I mean to say those who have just started reading novels and want some easy kind of reverse rate so here you go I was going to attract some the production ready when I got this one god on holiday by John Barry well this book was published in 1995 probably when I was 1 year old I know that that doesn't make any sense so this book is all about self-discovery and showing your negative voice somewhere else those who are suffering from breakup trauma and be like they will never come out of it this book is you save you not only to break up being even those who have spiritual force and I love to listen to the gold words I mean if this book is highly recommended to those two so this book contains 147 pages and you can easily read it in the period of 45 days if you are the big enough I'm pretty sure like 90% of the people in this world who have just started reading novels must have this book on the bookshelf Harry Potter the book in my hand is the first novel in Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling the lossless storm then story seriously has many twists and turns and I can say that it's better than the movie we can't hide the truth that she is one of the finest and most successful author of all time I remember it was morning time when I started reading this novel and it just forgot to brush my teeth he was so engaging so this book contains very easy language and I highly recommend this book if you are from the 10% of the people who haven't read this book yet just go and read this this should be any approved and fiction right attitude is everything by judgment well this is the self-help book this book is kind of success manual that gives the reader step-by-step manual to take over their life from negativity to positivity never lose hope and turn your problems into opportunities this is what this book say and since book is for all ages looking about this book is that every second or third page have some motivational quotations you can read it anywhere so the advantage of having these predations that even after two dating this book even after finishing this book you can go through those expectations and retain your positivity so who is good with this pages I mean it has only 130 pages to read and this is a good thing for the beginners well this book will be a little challenge for you to take as a course book To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1960 well written by Harper Lee this week this was one of the best book I've ever read the book takes the readers to the point of the human behavior back then when racism was sowing the sky in South America it is the heart-wrenching and a remarkable tale so that I forget the polar parallel The Alchemist so this is the story about a shepherd boy from a Spanish province who travel the whole world in search of treasure that is all in strength so basically this is the story about chasing your dreams so he works on afraid that if you want something in your life the forward conspires in helping you to achieve it and if you want it in the accommodation you must go and watch Bones on your this book is really great so engaging that you can read it in a day so this book is written in a very simple language it was originally written in photogate and then translated into 70 languages their soul of five million copies and it's still in the cards so that this is all about this video I hope you'll does anyone read these five books so I share the link to buy these books online at a bad price feel free to go down with the description box and click on the link of the book that you want to read so guys don't forget to like my video and share it with your friends and family on what's that Facebook friend every any other social site you

23 thoughts on “Five Must Read Books| For beginners| Easy Reading Novels

  1. 147 pages in 45 days? 😂 Am I the only one who thinks that a book loses its succulence if not read within less than 10 days.. I have never hold any book for that long

    1. The Magic of thinking Big
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    2. The Alchemist
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    3. How to win friend and influence people
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    4. Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul:

    5. Who Moved My Cheese
    6. Think & Grow Rich
    7. See You at the Top
    in hindi Shikhar Par Milenge
    8. The Power of Positive Thinking
    9. The Power of your Subconscious Mind
    10. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
    another one

  3. I read this novel and it's amazing kind of similar but a lot better than 13 reasons why.

  4. what ha video
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