Fish: Lyricist First, Singer Second

I was on the road until the end of 2008 and then I had a couple of operations on my vocal cords and they discovered that an assist that had been there for two years – those naina came back got a few gigs but I just basically minded too much I want to teach myself back into it so elated to go for like an acoustic tour which was called the fish-heads Club – and it was always supposed to be a bit you know 15 20 gigs and it turned out to be 180 and we didn't finish that until the end of 2011 and 2012 obviously I have to pin underneath it sure the last things on your mind it's been an album got into it again so there was a number of months she kind of just you know getting back to kind of civilian life again we've written the album we've been working on it the five of us been working it for the last three weeks and rehearsals and now we're going to be ticket out on a stage and perform and and are thinking that way you know you find the energies of the songs and you know in so many years you know I've been so used to like you know tip write in an album and then we kind of record it in the studio or one week you know lean on the technology quitter but well as this same we're gonna be going out with a five piece band so that when we do come back in June to the core the album the Carla Malcolm who produced surfing style will be in a situation where we found with cannot unlock the energy when the songs I think if the officiator cop to her because because we're not when we started on it and then June you know I just come through to vocal operations my confidence was law I was you know when I went to a pretty dark time in to beginner 2010 I admire my second manager if you could call it that was lasted six months that gonna explored it in my face and basically three days after that I came over the hospital which was killing a tough one at E and I had to sit there for six months you know waiting to find out if my voice again and you know my entire life revolves I've got a voice I mean you know I'm an actor because I own voice I do DJ video DJ walk you know voice you know the acoustic to a loud meter can I ease myself back into and I think as I said deconstructing the songs and having the openness I mean I think you know when you're walking in electric for my everything's gonna fill up all the sonic reiji's are playful we're gonna coup stick you up with a melody stop the voice into and the usual employ a lot more dynamic in it but there was a kind of theatricality given at the performance as well you know because you know the ones were shamed in it and that's what I do I write once that's my primary job is a letter system Alyssa's frosting a second and it's been able to like convey the lyrics you know and to play with a melody and to east through melodies and change things and as I said use the dynamic here that it was something that has we have employed in the writing of this come album roughly we have named songs at the eleven it of the sport to play we're playing a material people are buying tickets the converse a gig it's not a study group so there's that there's a good mix of material within the setlist that's taken from roughly a third of the set up with six songs it's going to be the brand new material I saw the materials gonna be pre 88 my marillion years which has got a couple of the scripts of things because at the anniversary and the other sub is taken from me you know my solo career so I think there's a fine balance you know but we'll find it tonight it's for sure you

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