First Steps in Self Publishing Comics

10 thoughts on “First Steps in Self Publishing Comics

  1. If I have a comic, do I use my printer to print copies or use a website? Do I sell it digitally or physically? If digitally where do I go? What about copyright?

  2. wow this takes me back, I collect quite a few ash cans and have made a few myself here hoping I make some real headway on the graphic novel this year….thanks for sharing

  3. thank you, gerimi!

    i really needed this one.

    i never really thought about doing an ash can. with how you've described the process and how it helped you keep going to finish the actual novel, i can see how doing ash cans could help me stay motivated and stay focused.

    is there any chance you can do a vid (if you haven't already) on setting margins on pages and in between panels, and how to determine the measurements for gutters/ folds? i do 'zines and booklets and i always get thrown off and spend much more time wrestling with those issues than in any other area.

  4. Thank you Gerimi for sharing your experiences as a self publisher artist, I love your style great drawings.
    I'm curious about the commercial side of it, how many comics did you sold on comixology when you first started publishing and now? Did you thought of making a trailer on youtube to boost the sells?

  5. Thank you for this. This really motivates me to keep working on my first graphic novel. I needed this.

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