Finishing revisions on my novel and reworking my schedule for less stress! | Writing Vlog #19

good morning happy Thursday it's about 7:15 right now and I just finished with my work for the morning the past few days I've been having a little bit of anxiety over not getting enough work done and things like that so I inquired with a another author friend of mine who seems to have it all together at least from what I can see we're talking about productivity hacks and she mentioned the freedom app which I think I had used in the past but stopped for some reason so I tried it out and I was super productive last night or yesterday afternoon so I put it on for about an hour I finished my ghost writing submission got all that done did my newsletter which is going out today and I just felt very productive and then I was able to read last night for the reading rush so that was great so I tried it again this morning and I got a lot of work done duh I mean this social media stuff in my email it just gets in the way so I just blocked it all and I was able to get work done and I felt very focused so I'm going to use this moving forward but we liked it and I liked how you can block certain sites a lot of other plugins that I've used were very confusing and I was unable to turn them off when they were on which I know is like against what you're supposed to do but if there was an instance that I actually had to get to my email or had to talk to someone on Facebook or whatever just became very difficult so I like it so far so we'll see I'm gonna use it for the free trial and then see if I want to buy I think that's the only option is you have to buy it but it doesn't seem like too much and if it's going to help me long-term I'm happy to support someone who can help me do that and today I worked on my Christmas festival man's I'm gonna work on this for the next two days I finished going through the entire manuscript there's two scenes that are just hanging out there I'm supposed to move them but the timeline just isn't working right at this moment so I just read through the first chapter with the read aloud feature and I've cleaned it up a bit so I'm just gonna go through each chapter with a with a fine-tooth comb now I'm hoping that will help with getting everything straight so we'll see I will check in with you soon well hello I'm back for another check-in to check ins on a Thursday crazy so it is 2:30 right now and I have some unexpected time to myself so instead of doing what I really want to do which is take a nap I'm gonna get back to work so I did one chapter this morning of my room at my festive romance and I'm gonna dive right back in right now this is gonna be a short update because I really want to take advantage of this time by myself so I'm gonna go get started good morning happy Friday it's Friday July 26 and I'm still in my pajamas I'm about to get changed and ready for my day but I just wanted to give you a quick update so yesterday I got through about chapter six of my Christmas festive romance hoping to get up to chapter seventeen today I really need to bust through this and just get it ready for my final read through everything seems to be going well I'm very happy with this story this morning I did run into a bit of a bump in the road one of those chapters or scenes that I transplanted from earlier in the book to later in the book it just wasn't working with my timeline it wasn't really making sense in my head so I tried moving it a little bit closer so like sort of in-between where I had it but then it made one of the chapters super long and I don't really know how to fix it at this point so I'm going to leave it chives really well with my timeline but it made the chapter like a thousand words longer than like all of the rest I tried to keep them around 3,000 words this one's like 4000 words so we'll see I'm going to leave it for now and then when I do my final read-through I'll see if it still fits I don't really know how to fix it at this point if it doesn't fit because as I said before it's going to copy it it's very soon after I hand it in so I'm hoping that some inspiration strikes and I'm able to figure it out so at this point I'm on chapter 10 which is where I was supposed to have that first part so seven more chapters to go for the day I'm hoping I have to do a little bit of work this morning outside of the house and then I'm gonna come back and really focus I'd like to work out today if I can I didn't end up working out yesterday and how many time but I think that really helps with me figuring out things in my head so maybe I'll push through to chapter 17 and then do a quick workout before I have to pick up kiddo from camp so that is my day so far I'm not doing any ghost writing today I'm actually gonna push all of that till next week because I really need to focus on this I have a hard deadline of next week for my Christmas book and I need to hit that everything else is sort of getting pushed aside until I do which sort of bums me out but realistically if I was working a nine-to-five at a office I would have to work on deadlines and get them done for a boss so I have to buckle down and be my own boss and really push through so that's my rambling update for this morning I'll check in with you soon so it's 11 o'clock and I'm finally just sitting down to work my morning took over as it does and even more when I'm busy so I'm gonna get to work I was hoping to jump at least on the treadmill but I don't know if that's gonna happen I really want to try to get these chapters done first and then maybe I'll work out later so mmm we'll see um so yeah I'm gonna jump into work right now I think I figured it out so I finished that chapter and I was able to pull a deleted scene that I had and I was able to put it all together aha I feel so much better I mean I still have seven chapters to do today but I feel so much better it's all coming together so it's about 11:45 now I think I'm going to postpone the gym for later I'm gonna start my lunch and then I'm going to work through my lunch as much as I can because it's a nice day outside and they probably want to go outside with the kiddos later so I just wanted to check in I'm so excited okay good bye good morning happy Saturday it is 8:15 Saturday morning and I have been working since 6:00 o'clock this morning with interruption of course from family let's see what chapter i'ma and I'm and chapter person like the end of a chapter so I should have scrolled up I'm and chapter 18 last night I did not finish let me check my thing right here yeah I only got to chapter 14 yesterday for all my hard work um as you just saw I joined in a live right in with mandolin by the brook in Natalya Lee I just jumped in for the last bit of it I think it started at 7:00 and I just you know couldn't get on the computer by then so that's where I'm at now my goal for today was to get through the rest of the book for this sort of continuity read I have about 90 pages left and I think it'll end up okay um I'm hoping to give myself tomorrow off to sort of take a breather and reset I do want to finish my books for the reading rush so here's hoping but yeah so these chapters have been going a little quicker than they were yesterday yesterday was a lot of the puzzling and sort of making sure that the things that I had switched you know from the top bringing them down and vice versa we're making sense and all the threads were continuous for my continuity at it so that's where I'm at um I'm going to push through a little bit right now I am alone in the house which is great so I'm going to try to push through right now and I'll check in with you soon hello here is my chicken and it's hours and hours later it's almost six o'clock at night but I did want to quickly check in and say that I finished my book this morning it was such a relief so I did send it out to a few of my beta readers who agreed to read it very quickly because the book is due on Wednesday so I cannot wait to hear back I am going to take a break from it tomorrow and then do my final read-through my name Tuesday and this is it off Wednesday so I'm going to end this writing vlog here because like I said I'm taking tomorrow off I'm hoping to get a lot of reading done and I'm having people over and I'm just excited to take a day off and relax and then get back to work on Monday so if you enjoy my writing blogs do consider giving it a like and hit that subscribe button if you want to see more and I'll see you all next week

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