FINISHING A STORY – Terrible Writing Advice

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  1. My tip: save the world-building for the Almanac, and only bring it up when its relevant for setting the scene or is integral to the plot, such as a legal or transportation system.

  2. I only just realized that I have the worldbuilding disease.. Worldbuilding is a fundamental part of my story, especially since it's a fantasy story that is a metaphor of how history can be easily forgotten and altered by society, so culture plays a huge part in the story (also, it's really fun :D). I also wrote the protagonists and some antagonists with their own personalities and motives (wow that's rare). The problem is, I am really stuck in the f i r s t arc of my story. Heck, I don't even know how to end the story because I just realized how much plotholes my first ending has :/ And I can't progress because I don't want to write a story without knowing which direction it will go. How else am I supposed to plan out where to put the love triangles and character deaths in the story??

  3. Hi, will there be a follow up to that video? I just finished my 1st draft ever, and I'm actually not quite sure of what are the next steps (other than trying to improve and correct the story).

    Ps : I love your work!

  4. I'm so close to finishing my 3rd draft. I began with a loose structure, and as I wrote I sought outside perspectives to help me streamline and improve plot points, and with each draft the wording and overall creativity of the writing has been improved immensely. This is the first time I've ever been truly proud of something I've written, and if it ever actually gets published, I think that would make me weep

  5. Maan, TWA. I feel this so hard. But I do go back to work on my projects at least a little bit every day, and that means even if a paragraph at a time, I will write it. It's not going to be perfect, I know that. But it's a story I want to tell regardless. It means a lot to me. That means I have to tell my inner critic to help out, not just shut me down.

    I love your channel and I'm sorry for lurking without saying anything for so long. Thanks for the reminders that I can be better as a writer.

  6. The problem I think with "writer" type people is that they're wracked with anxiety after barely escaping a school system that only favors "math" people and kids who study ceaselessly to please their loveless parents.
    As a result, they consider anything relating to actual progress to be an all-or-nothing activity with a 1 point difference between crippling failure and absolute success.
    In reality, they need to stop considering their writing or whatever to be a tiny piece of some end goal, and instead consider it to be an activity they enjoy doing. Say "I think I'll write some today" or "na, I don't feel great today. I gotta set some time aside this week to write".

    This is essentially the same advice you give to a kid who's getting bullied. Own whatever names they give you and they can't hurt you. Writing isn't a terrifying obstacle to overcome, it's the CHOICE to enjoy yourself. Hell, look at dragon ball z. It's written like shit, but it's still famous. Why? Because the characters are fun and that made toriyama write more.

  7. So wait, I had never considered this before. How DO authors submit manuscripts without the threat of it being sniped?

  8. Ah, my second great nemesis, the ending.
    I literally find ways to kill off the main character for most of my stories, I'm lazy and don't much care for the happy ending trope.
    One day I'll have the balls to publish something.

  9. I am now searching my house for the hidden cameras you must have snuck in to watch my life and post it here…

  10. Jesus christ, i feel called out and a deeply needed slap to the face. Thanks for putting this into words. Gotta lot of thinking to do. Sheesh.

  11. You didn't have to go that hard, man. I'd have rather you walked into my house and bashed my face in with a brick.

  12. All your videos are amazing and helpful, but this might be your most influential one. I would send this to all my writing friends if I had any.

  13. My technique:
    Think of your ending before you write the rest of your story. Once you have a clear and satisfying endgame in mind, then you can write how your story builds up to that climax.

  14. This channel is my holy grail :'D

    I'm in the middle of rewriting my story (which had many, many flaws mentioned in multiple of your videos) and just was watching these videos to check my story, see if there were any useless, uncooked, or overcooked parts that needed to be fixed. I'm proud to say that I have improved immensely. I haven't looked yet, but maybe for a future video, you could make one on getting a book recognized? (By not being zealous about my book and pushing them away from the book (Or doing that because hey it is terrible writing advice after all)) I would benefit from that video by a significant amount c:

  15. To be fair, JRR Tolkien meticulously created a universe, along with detailed maps, many detailed races and empires with differing cultures, languages, and attitudes, and a creation story/lore that rivals all modern mythology and religions in complexity and length, and he wrote the greatest fantasy series of all time.

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