Finish Writing Fiction in one day VLOG Day 1 : Udomkhen Author

hi everyone my name is Tom Ken I am an author today I plan to write fiction for in of mine project in this day it's not too difficult right every morning I will go to coffee shop I buy green tea and sit down Shirley green tea is a poison to depressive disorder person like me but however is diffic it is delicious but now I drink me instead of three I like to write novel Apple morning is so fresh fun and have freedom do you know human live only studied thousands yes so we should use it for good and this is strategy to finish writing just one day I'm not warranted first our Creator no apology second our start writing life fashion foolish dot our listen music and read fiction for our continued writing five our decide a book see our continued writing again seven house listen beauty eight our finished approaching and this is my strategy if you like my idea please subscribe and thanks for watch

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