Finding books using the library catalog

Hi, my name is Lydia and I’m a librarian
here at Saddleback. In this video you will learn how to find books
at Saddleback College Library using a basic keyword search. You can search for books from the library
website: To do a keyword search, enter your search
terms in the box below. Today I’m looking for books about substance
abuse treatment, so I’ll just type that in here. You’ll see a list of items that match your
search. The catalog by default will search for all
materials located at Saddleback, which means you may see books, articles, films, CDs, and
more in your results list. The icons here will tell you what type of
resource you have. These first few results include eJournals
and eBooks. If you’re interested in just finding print
books, you can easily filter out other formats by using the options on the left-side of your
screen. Here are the top 6 formats from my results. You’ll see over 300 results are books, and
selecting this will remove all other formats from the list. But I’ll still have both print books and
eBooks. To limit my search to just print books, click
on the “See all” button. This lists all the formats available, including
an option for Print books. Click on it to see just those results.[click
Print book] Now my results only include print books. Further down, you’ll see more ways you can
refine your search results. You might just want to see books published
recently, and if that’s the case, select one of the options or enter a custom date
range. Here are my results. The title is in red, with the authors listed
below. You can also see when the book was published. For print books, you will see the availability
of the item, as well as where it’s shelved. This is the call number. You’ll need this to find the book on the
shelf. Keep in mind, if the library owns multiple
copies of the book, you will only see availability for the first copy here. To see if there are additional copies, click
on the title to view the complete record, which I’ll demonstrate in just a minute. Sometimes you’ll find books available in
both print and online formats, like this one here. For all ebooks, you’ll see an “access
online” button. This link takes you straight to the ebook
contents. Just remember that if you’re off campus,
you’ll first be asked to log in with your blackboard login before you can view the ebook. If you want to see more information about
a book, click on the title. At the top of this page you’ll see the basic
information for the book, along with options to save this page, email it to someone, or
get a citation. You can also get a static URL for this page
in the catalog. Next, you’ll see the availability. First is a link for the online access. If an ebook is available from more than one
database, you will see multiple links listed here. Below that is the print version availability. This book is available in two volumes. At the bottom is a list of libraries nearby
that also have the book. This can be useful if our copy is checked
out or otherwise unavailable. Back at the top, click on “Description”
to get more details about the book: how many pages it has, and a table of contents. This can help you decide if this book is relevant
to your research. You’ll also see a list of subject terms. These terms describe what the book is about. Clicking on them will show you other titles
in the library that have been assigned the same terms. In this case, there over 3,000 items with
the subject heading “Drug abuse Treatment United States.” That’s the end of this video. If you have questions, come see us at the
Reference desk, call us, or chat with us online.

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