Finding books on the shelf

Once you have located the book you want to find on Library Search make sure you make a note of where the item is held Here you will find the library where the book is held the location number and the number of copies available It is important to note down the number along with the three letters at the end Check at the end of each shelf the Dewey numbers contained in that row For example, 072-300 categorized by subjects As you walk along the shelves you will notice the number increase in numerical and alphabetical order This makes it easier for you to find the books We are going to find ‘Planning your dissertation’ which is at 808.066 WIL Head towards the 800s and look for 808 This is the section where the book is held Once you’ve found the 808s search for the books with 0 after the decimal point. Then 6, then 6 again. Work your way along the number from left to right not forgetting the three letters at the end And here are the four copies of ‘Planning your dissertation’ If all copies of the book are on loan you have an option to request to collect it at any site You can do this on Library Search by logging on.

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