Finding Books For School of Nursing

Start at the Nursing Guide, and look at the
books tab. Right now, about 98% of the library’s collection is online. And that means you can
read most of our books no matter where you are. Searching for books is different than searching
for articles, because for many books, you can’t search the full text from this catalog.
You need to rely on the title, author, and book descriptions to find what you need.
Try searching for one broad concept at a time, like this. Notice this box? Right now, we’re
looking for books that have “nursing research” as a topic. This gives me a lot of results,
and is great if you’re looking for a topic you’re unfamiliar with.
If you’re looking for a specific book, you can search by title or author, like this [uses drop down menu].
Compared to articles, books take a longer time to publish. Articles are great for cutting
edge information, but if you’re looking for information that remains reliable over time,
or very in depth look at a subject, a book may be better than articles.
Nursing theory is a good example. Because Theories can take years to develop, and are
usually developed by a small core of researchers, there are generally established, seminal texts
that define a theory. Useful theories often stick around for a long time.
Consider Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring. She published her theory in 1979, but has
continued writing about it for her entire career. If you wanted to learn about or use
her theory, it would be a good idea to read her book, before reading articles about its
application. We actually have two special tabs for books–the
nursing theories tab and the Scopes and Standards of Practice tab. Because these are such popular
topics for nurses and nursing students, we created these tabs to give you quick access
to them. Feel free to take a look at them now, or contact
a librarian to learn more.

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