Figuring out the writer's tone!

20 thoughts on “Figuring out the writer's tone!

  1. Hey, I'm quite new to your blog and I was wondering if it is possible to buy a paperback of the Ultimate Study Guide?

  2. Sometimes your tone makes all the differences. Is it ever a possibility? We will see in the long run.

  3. Thank you so much for helping me out, my English exam is tomorrow and this was a real help. Thanks so much

  4. I really want to buy your study pack, will it still help me even though i am half way though year 12 already, and can I buy it in PDF form?

  5. Hi, how can we wright an academic report for college, and how to enrich it and make sure that all the words we are using are academic? Thanks ..

  6. Hey Lisa
    I always stress during an english test or exam and I usually break down. I would sometimes cry in the middle of the exam….. Do you have any tips on how to prepare for an exam since semester exams are coming up or how to not freak out during it?
    Thank you~!

  7. Hi Lisa, this helped a lot, thank-you. I have a sac coming up all about views and values. Could you maybe do a video on that please?

  8. Alright, let's see what different tones you identify from these sentences:
    1. Check out my new shoes, I just got them yesterday!
    2. It was long since I had returned to this place; the memories washed over me wave after wave.
    3. It is imperative that we initiate fair laws for all workers!

  9. I just had my second text response sac today! 😬Your videos help me so much, this definitely had some great tips for my next one. Thank you so much x💕

  10. Also, could you maybe do a video about transitioning from year 9 to year 10? – Love from Melbourne

  11. Hi Lisa Great video! I was just wondering whether you could do a video about tips on how to write a persuasive writing tips and ways to increase the quality of the writing piece?

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