FIFA and Chill with Maya Jama | Poet and Vuj Present!

in it let's go be enough to two's FIFA until this one poll a very special one close to our heart it's the man like my agenda Mantua Tina art real fireman she what can art yes nothing you are second M lady guest mi ke Abdo no it vice poet calls okay Abdul I don't know if we've been on camera since together as a three yeah snap shouldn't put me on the smoke alarm in snapchat yeah whatever mate you two need to later just take phone heroin like stomach in no no yes I'm happy to be reveal or mystery we were together I miss you a little grown up Oh same every just got a beard it was a jobs a lot has changed do you know your voice got a bit deeper shit has changed how have you been though how's life and life's alright yeah busy working alarm finally of age remember I was seventeen minima yeah actually are maybe 16 new 16 yeah yes I'm an actual I don't know which feels nice and that loads of stuff you want me to say exactly or just tell us exact what am i doing now and we're right now and that start radio 1 show in February that's thanks and wasn't interested a gap campaign see that Metro boomin so if y'all met Joe don't you nervous yeah I've not really like I didn't want a big friend of them so I tried to actually record us at higher right yeah and just kind of left it at that so yeah yeah how's your neighbors involved in the field of tweets cuz you'd have to hang you have to like that you tryna no more I know that's cute in a lake they included me but no yellow excited self I can't actually think of everything and it's just boring to say everything about yeah the forest let me get me out of it the extra show though yeah ya know is good but the junk was actually a proper jungle but you know when you watch TV you think it's that may be a fake jungle I like it's an actual jungle in like it's where and there's like leeches and all of that kind of stuff I probably wouldn't go on I would you guys I'm having a good time everything is really exciting so yeah it's good I feel like my works paid off a little bit but even though it's just still right at the beginning I feel like things are like cemented a bit more no ya come far from the copper noventa I know I do miss her I like it's cute being back well I miss football virgin days I did do check that out on the channel my jammer as a little video try some fee for his fee for insurance yeah well the last time I was when I played it with the FIFA player but it's not take you seriously bills do you want like to talk to you chat to the events to be honest I'm not obviously gonna be that good I'm actually really good at like Mario Kart and like racing games and stuff yeah the little switch yeah yeah I'm actually the reigning champ in my household yep you had the grand old game of hudhud Westham hot at all she's picked West Ham I didn't even look I just pressed does Express I press X people are selected okay alright we are about what to war by thumb this video comes out two months in 2018 wants to know do you have any resolutions for 20s he from there where is that Gaga's go it's gone i Jim I'll add her to disco Jackson you know remember that advert is like I guess bad guy yeah do I have any news of New Year's resolutions no I try not to do them it's just like I'm never actually gonna stick to them if I'm honest and yeah I just find them a bit pointless but I do start the new year like hoping to have a better one than the last each time like making an improvement from last time if you can and just try and do stuff that makes you happy that was right that was my thoughts going into 2018 I like my friend Kenneth had a great New Year's resolution I said go Jim for the whole month of January so let's do it well but he has and by the end of it you would have completed his New Year's resolutions hasn't that is smart but that is smart but that's also a lot of work going Jim every single day do you go Jim OH Oh Jimmy do I even eat I just do so no one says oh he doesn't eat real life no but I think you've just got one of those metabolisms where you can eat what you want and then it just opens don't put on weight napal also wants to know some questions about footwear now what team do you support and wife which you actually revealed I believe on football virgin I did so now you're to react to the people in so at the end of football virgin I had to choose a team off to learn and everything I could about football in the space of I think it was maybe like four months but yeah when we've Bristol Rovers because I happen from Bristol and my family support Brister owners that's their local team I know you know what the thing is I actually went I grew up with why not grow up we are friends and we were like young adults teenage at like 12 11 13 Bobby Reed's actually were mate not to name dropping for my genuine friend what was when I lived there and so now I should have just supported Bristol City because then I'd know somebody's doing really well I think I keep seeing people tweeting about him doing well yeah no he's doing really well but anyway that's sure I quite like West Ham just because of all the football games I've gone to the West Ham fans are the Joker's like the chance and everything were hilarious and I just felt like the rowdy spirit in them for his price he's always fun guys yeah before they were laughs she liked Steve oh yes diva the madman absolute Joey yeah all of them the maximum great guys yeah I actually went to a football match with maximum elegance honor Western match yeah a couple of years ago loved it as jokes my chance yeah I'm 8pi match as well I wasn't even film in it as well we just did it for a day out you don't feel everything you know you don't but you know some people think I'll show my congratulations domani Oh young and we were little well young girl from know I always get asked people like oh how did you do stuff so young but I genuinely think when I was younger I was more fearless and more confident and more just like I you're kind of naive when you're younger and just like well I'm gonna get it and if it doesn't work then fuck it you know I mean whereas as you get older you get more doubts and you get a bit more worried about stuff and all of these other things but I was like a little fearless child I think so I just went for everything like if any time I had an opportunity I was like I'm gonna smash it basically you know who's watching YouTube videos every one of your videos from start to finish well oh wow Diane this guy was in the streets yeah traffic yeah I don't know what it is you can that's when you don't have a hundred percent and also you just don't know about reality properly so you're just kind of like so uh you don't know how many you don't really know that people are judging you you kind of can you do but you just it doesn't you don't care yeah you just try to impress your friends and but yeah even Toyota wasn't as big though when we start it was everyone I remember we I started working before Instagram and then Instagram came along and it was kind of there but it wasn't pressuring yeah what you just did whatever I know and now it's like the whole life basically yes nerds forget though nowadays you don't have a website you've just got your Instagram so that's not your way of promoting yourself at the end of the day like you don't actually need a job really yeah the same you can say to brands hey look I've got this much influence on a hundred thousand people pay me and I would post your stuff and then you've got your own little career for those of you at home look you just don't even see a game with Maxwell ogen-sama Borowitz no is it you know what is the best format you've been to is that the only one you know I went to loads during football virgin and I was in the work in Brazil for the World Cup in 2014 my life I did so he was Jonah no the story basically on poets birthday we were out in the middle of Brazil and you were really really drunk is the worst drunk in a while please just to stay and overseas not a small man so he's quite hard to control Florida very long like this and he was flying around and Argentine fans were chanting stuff and he was chanting back at them some other stuff like you being a bit rude and he was getting shouted out and they interviewed you're kind of watch him from a distance and they look like they were gonna beat him up and so we swooped in and saved him and then about ten minutes later he was on the pavement with his plants spread across the car that was probably one of the best trips I've ever had though not even right even to this day like that was one of my favorite times cuz it was just like being on holiday and then during like a little bit of work in between no it was if we're honest Brazil or some guys what I'm really interested in what I'm fantastic I'll just embarrass myself but he wants to know best memory when you were working at Kapolei would you say what's the Brazoria yeah a hundred percent it was a personal trip but we were out there for like well I was out there for two months in total yeah yeah a long time so I was basically Brazilian and you lot came up for the second month I think my highlight was going to like the strip in Sao Paulo where it was like a street carnival on one of the days of the match no no no and just having a party with you guys after the games because everybody was celebrating it was basically like Notting Hill Carnival every day don't you think with football like a young voice for young women as well yeah no it's become this voice you know I think I think a lot especially we're part of this like generation of we have got our own voices did I just cool you just got our banger well-well-well inton boots I don't even know them oh yes that's good isn't it middle of a deep chat we were little when I was little growing up I remember they'd be like celebrities or the music or whoever that I looked up to and you don't ever see them in magazines and you wouldn't ever hear like what they were going through if they even had a normal life you just see all the good stylize them enough yeah and like you just saw oh gosh if I'm dealing with this I bet they never really wear these a sad day or anything like that and so I just try and be as honest as possible with like everything going on in my life because I think you know if there is a little girl that really likes me and she looks up to me and she's going through something similar it would be really nice for her to be like oh my ideals of it and she's still got like a good job and she's dhinam of her life and did it you know just try and be as transparent as possible I think because we can do it nowadays and what's the downside like you just being honest of what you're going through your experiences what bad happens you're a little bit more vulnerable but it's your truth or no you're not hiding anything I see interesting to know a little keV wants to laugh the back of that type of conversation who your inspirations or who did you look up to you do you know mostly my friends and stuff you know more than like actual people and tell you anything like that I love Davina she's like one of mine presenter idols just cuz I remember what you know when I was younger and being like I love you just because you just have a laugh like no never I've actually not met Davina you will love mo Ellis I met her and she's just amazing and like you know but I think Davina just showed a silly side so like women presenters and I loved that and I just feel like when she talks to people she looks like she proper cares which is rather than just asking questions and like moving on to the next she looked like she's proper into people's stories and everything like that and that's what I like about her but otherwise you know I like to follow princess Nakia oh yeah I like her actually yeah and she's just like raw and just herself and yeah and just it's completely like this is me take it or leave it vibes and I think there should be more people like her yeah my mom's a juicer Owen Shaw says I'm asked Maya do you think Ling God is better as an introverted finger sock Arista I'm gonna say an introverted winger yeah you know and he likes to wears black for so long so fan TV from local Canada do you know what I actually I don't watch it but I see loads of clips on my timeline so you're aware of it yeah yeah I know everyone's shouting in the background it gets really heated people start getting mad you're gonna love it at all no no that's my opinon I think it's fingers hilarious like I like stuff that's just like raw and like you just say what you want kind of odd so yeah they got Boston or MTV I won a to one thankfully so school advice for young people going into TV radio media overall from son ahmud what's my advice mmm I don't know I try not to like give too much advice because it's like everybody's completely different but I would just say that don't get disheartened by your nose because obviously you're not gonna get every single job not your nose don't know don't get disheartened when people tell you no because if you don't get a job is probably just because it's not right for you and there'll be something else usually what happens with me if I don't get a job that I really wanted and I'm sad about it something else will come up that then I wouldn't have been able to film that one anyway so I'm like oh I look that's why I didn't get that one because now I can do this one that works out better for me and everything happens for a little bit of a reason so I'd say that and then also be nice to everyone because the runner you work with could end up being your boss in the future so if you're rude to anybody on the way up then you probably gonna see them again and then you know the ways oh yeah everybody yeah my like end goal what I actually want to do yeah I think I'm pretty sure I want to do I might have another goal after this but like have an Alan Carr style chatty man show on primetime TV basically where it's like me and then I have gases and talk about stuff and have a little drink and then like kind of a twist of Celebrity Juice so there's like silly challenges and things like that that would be my ideal show mmm dog she has that one good M dog ready no and no like em gems I think that's quite good how about Jemma taken already oh yeah yeah just different smelling yeah yeah and M gems something like that I think I wouldn't be more likely like a garage MC than an MC MC cuz answer I'm actually quite good for your basic apartment when I'm on a hunt in Hawaii yeah let me shit exhume basically I think if I was like the age back then I would have tried to get involved in the crew mmm can use a little 16 oh no that's one of my favorite songs skinny sawed cuz I was Marga back in well not exactly big now but yeah I was very mugs and I used to relate to it like just because I'm the skinny sort they think they can fuck with me I hear ya because I could relate to it but they were right they could fucking resource take the beat you need to keep it moving no it's joints but yeah I could do a sixteenth but it's just sitting involved mums and dads and you know it's no it's probably not very good Mohammed awesome what is your best moment so far and my best moment probably getting cannibal because it was my first ever like that was when I felt like okay I'm doing the crossover to like mainstreaming world because I've never been on prime-time telly or like a channel 1 to 5 and that's like I didn't expect to be on there for another like five years at least so when I got that job I was like on the hood that means like my mum and my nan and everyone's gonna watch me and actually know what shows I'm doing because if you tell someone yeah I'm doing the show online like my older family members ain't really gonna have a clue but with this one I was like wow I'm actually gonna be in people's front rooms and stuff so that was yeah run because you got obviously you've also got a documentary shadow fabric yeah that was a beautiful watchin done a lot Margie we haven't got into more fiber stuff yeah you know I try not to talk too much about my relationship because I think it's just a bit boring like you know try and keep a bit probs I get it people win a know but we're just a couple like normal life oh yeah okay follow my on the socials will be in the description if you don't already would you probably do absolute legend toffee funchal um damn have a nice 2018 have a nice see you see you see you see me in it

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  1. You invite someone who called out for being Racist to dark skin girls but you fire someone who has grinded for years helping build up this channel just like that…

  2. Maya Jama knew from age 8 she wanted to be famous so she knew she had to be careful what she said on social media she came for dark skin girls because she knew they were unprotected even her dark skin boyfriend Stormzy has not condemn her. Dark skin girls are not fair game fuck Maya Jama sign the petition

  3. I last watched Copa90 when Vuj and Poet starred Comments Below and they named the people the Copa Fam and Maya Jama was the Football Virgin. Shit was years ago

  4. Awesome woman. One of the best chills ever. Include Timbsy and we've got us a beatiful mixed pot fab 4. Keep up the good work guys.

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